Comment 9 for bug 152261

Gyorgyi Toth (tgyorgyi27) wrote :

I'm not sure if it is exactly the same problem, but from my noob perspective, it looks quite it.

I had a stable and functioning dual-boot of Hardy and XP (with XP installed first) until a few days ago I did a new install of Hardy with the latest Live CD. I used manual partitioning during the Live CD process, and used the same partition as before, only this time I also made a separate partition for /home. The Live CD install proceeds, files are copied, etc., no error messages on the graphic interface, only, at one point the install stops and I am returned to the Live CD desktop. On the partition where Ubuntu is supposedly installed, there are a lot of files, but there is no /boot/grub folder.

After restarting, I also got Error 15, in order to have at least one functioning OS I used fixmbr and fixboot from the XP recovery CD, so now at least I can boot into windows, but Ubuntu install happens the same every time.

I did not have this problem when I had no separate /home partition, but this could not be the problem, could it?