Comment 10 for bug 152261

If it is the same problem as I saw I know a way of getting round it,
although I'm not entirely clear of the details. Unfortunately (for
you), it involves avoiding the "migrate users" step, which will mean
that your new Ubuntu install will not have all the XP users set up
automatically for you.

I thought I had pasted my workaround to the bug report, but evidently
I didn't. Here is something I sent to someone else who also had the

"I managed to install completely by commenting out the section in the
installer that calls the migration helper. I cannot remember where
the section I cut was, but I think it was in
/usr/share/ubiquity/ (use the end of syslog I submitted as a
guide - <>)."

I'm afraid, other than reinstalling my own machine I cannot give more
details. I hope this is useful for you.



2008/8/13 Gyorgyi Toth <email address hidden>:
> I'm not sure if it is exactly the same problem, but from my noob
> perspective, it looks quite it.
> I had a stable and functioning dual-boot of Hardy and XP (with XP
> installed first) until a few days ago I did a new install of Hardy with
> the latest Live CD. I used manual partitioning during the Live CD
> process, and used the same partition as before, only this time I also
> made a separate partition for /home. The Live CD install proceeds, files
> are copied, etc., no error messages on the graphic interface, only, at
> one point the install stops and I am returned to the Live CD desktop. On
> the partition where Ubuntu is supposedly installed, there are a lot of
> files, but there is no /boot/grub folder.
> After restarting, I also got Error 15, in order to have at least one
> functioning OS I used fixmbr and fixboot from the XP recovery CD, so now
> at least I can boot into windows, but Ubuntu install happens the same
> every time.
> I did not have this problem when I had no separate /home partition, but
> this could not be the problem, could it?
> --
> grub not configured with live CD install with pre-existing /home partition (Gutsy RC)
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