Comment 3 for bug 423938

TM8471 (p-maier-lutz) wrote :

Thanks for your hint!

Keyboard commands as defined now:
"Alt+ spacebar Open the Window menu.
Alt+F4 Close the window.
Alt+F9 Minimize the window.
Alt+F10 Maximize the window.
Alt+F5 Restore a maximized window to its original size. "

These keyboard commands are now completely unintuitive. Moreover they are unusable for fast and efficient keyboard working. The keyboard commands should be changed for better usability!

My suggestion:
* close activated window: Alt + Esc (immediate some keystrokes: restart closed application in some former position)
* minimize activated window: Alt + F1 (immediate some keystrokes: maximize in former position)
* activated window to the half left side: Alt + 1
* activated window to the half right side: Alt + 2

After this rearrangement all combinations can be typed be the left hand. Furthermore, it fits very well with the "switch application" command (Alt + Tab).

Moreover the keyboard commands should be shown, when a user hovers over the three upper right control buttons (minimiz, maximize, close). It's only a slight change. Only the pop up text has to be added.