Comment 0 for bug 423938

TM8471 (p-maier-lutz) wrote :

The windows in Gnome can't be minimized, maximized and closed by keyboard commands. That's enervating and makes working speed drop down.

Gnome window manager already uses Alt + Tab to switch between running applications. This should be enhanced!

I suggest:
* close activated window: Alt + Esc (immediate some keystrokes: restart closed application in some former position)
* minimize activated window: Alt + F1 (immediate some keystrokes: maximize in some former position)
* activated window to the half left side: Alt + 1
* activated window to the half right side: Alt + 2

You work so much faster by using keyboard commands. The better you know your desktop and your main applications the more you use keyboard commands. This feature would enhance Gnome usability!