Comment 6 for bug 145282

Marnanel Thurman (marnanel) wrote :

[Sorry, I asked this upstream and the reporter clearly didn't get the message.]

This is going to be a tough one to track down if we can't reproduce it. Can you reproduce this bug? What were you actually doing, not moving windows around or switching between windows or anything? Were you just typing away, or were you not touching the computer at all?

FWIW, the call to g_list_length here is pretty useless except if you have logging on. We should probably remove it unless you do, and save a few cycles. On the other hand, it wouldn't fix this crash, since it's not *really* a problem with g_list_length but with the rectangle list containing a pointer outside the segment. We can't tell what that rectangle list was, since that depends on what called do_screen_and_xinerama_relative_constraints(), and that information's been optimised away. Unless we can find out more, we're going to have to close this for lack of information.