Comment 35 for bug 124315

First, let me disagree violently with whoever classed this problem as "Low" priority: it is, as others have already noted above, a real productivity killer, on a system-wide basis, to have to be constantly rearranging already arranged windows every time one opens an app anew (not to mention the monstrous aggravation factor from lack of a major feature that was considered basic in pretty much every other OS on the planet a decade or more ago).

Second, since--as best I, a non-techie, can deduce--it seems that the solution is obvious (use WM_WINDOW_ROLE) and, I gather, not difficult of implementation ("If all applications did that, implementing this feature would be trivial"), whatever is holding up implementation? It seems everybody is sitting around the campfire nodding "Yup, right, easy-peasy", then walking away humming a tune and leaving nothing done about it.

Can we please get the implementation into the window manager ASAP? Then the world can go to work on the app developers, who will have zero excuse for not implementing proper use of WM_WINDOW_ROLE (and will probably, by and large, be delighted to do so).

The world watches and waits . . . .