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Bug #1876157: Memtest86+ in Ubuntu 20.04 doesn't work, switch to Coreboot branch or package new release v5.31b is available since 12/04/2020 Undecided Confirmed 44 weeks

From: Bernd Edlinger
Link: memtest.diff

bug-fix for >4G memory

Bug #641155: New experimental multiboot version of memtest86+ only sees 640K of memory Undecided New 381 weeks

From: Mantas Kriaučiūnas
Link: memtest.diff

Patch for fixing memtest86+ 4.20 multiboot memory detection

Bug #883017: memtest86+ fails on efi systems Medium Triaged 405 weeks

From: Bernard Burette
Link: patch-diff

Patch for memtest86+ (v4.20 to v4.50, zImage to bzImage)

Bug #420967: grub2 does not allow to disable memtest options Undecided Confirmed 633 weeks

From: Stilor
Link: memtest-disable.diff

Patch to introduce GRUB_DISABLE_MEMTEST86 option to /etc/default/grub

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