Comment 6 for bug 442735

Eduard Grebe (eduardgrebe) wrote :

My mdadm-managed raid wouldn't mount after upgrading from jaunty to karmic. It seems this problem is caused by dmraid trying to take over the array. According to the Debian bug linked by Spider above this is caused by dmraid recognising the device nodes as part of a fakeraid array rather than as part of an softraid array. In my case this could have been caused by the fact that prior to setting up my softraid array I had used the tool in my bios to set up a fakeraid array.

I could solve this problem by uninstalling dmraid. (I don't know why it was installed -- did it get installed with the karmic upgrade or was it always there and this behaviour is just new?) After rebooting mdadm initialised the array just fine.

Even so, this behaviour results in serious breakage from the user's point of view. Some way of avoiding this should be found -- see the discussion in the debian bug tracker.

I am bumping the importance, but someone from the server team should probably look into this issue.