Comment 15 for bug 442735

darren (darrenm) wrote :

No BIOS utility here to scrub the metadata.

I reported one of the duplicates of this bug months ago and I see it still isn't fixed. I couldn't install Ubuntu on my PC using software RAID as I have old dmraid metadata on the devices. I've now checked up and learned what the comments above mean and I've managed to boot correctly into Ubuntu editing the GRUB command line to have nodmraid, run dmraid -r -E in Ubuntu and then reboot happily without the dmraid metadata. This is undoubtedly what the issue is and is correctly described above, that md and dmraid metadata can't co-exist.

But the issue remains that if existing metadata is there, someone can't just install Ubuntu using md software RAID. It requires extra steps to get it working, something less tech users may not be able or inclined to do.