Comment 24 for bug 120375

Jan Krupa (plnt) wrote :

Hi Ken,

I wasn't able to boot from degraded array after running "/sbin/mdadm --assemble --scan" in few cases when I had other disks in my computer. If I disconneted the disks and attached just the working one, system booted without a problem in degraded mode (after running the command mentioned above). I think the reason is that mdadm scans for any RAID devices by their signatures on the disk (because there is no /etc/raidtab accessible) and maybe it finds the singatures in different order each time.

There is also "--run" parameter in mdadm which can help assembling RAID in degraded mode.

Sorry for non-detailed description but I currently don't have the computer with Ubuntu+RAID1 physically with me so I can't do the tests.