Comment 126 for bug 120375

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

Unsubscribing ubuntu-sru. Please do not subscribe the SRU team to bugs that don't actually include proposed fixes to previous releases. a) this is not the documented procedure for SRU fixes, b) the SRU team has other things to do that actually benefit Ubuntu users, instead of following a "bug report" that consists of lambasting Ubuntu for a bug that the relevant developers have already agreed should receive attention.

With regard to the last, I've accepted the nomination for hardy based on Dustin's statement that he'll work on this for 8.04.2.

Ross, as for the other bugs you mentioned: the ext2resize package is not part of Ubuntu main, which means it's not part of the set of software supported by Canonical. It's a third-party tool that ext3 upstream has repeatedly recommended against using. The package from Debian is included in the universe repository in the hope that it's useful to someone, but there is no one at all in Ubuntu tending that package - there's no reason to think it was subjected to any QA for it to fail. If you believe this problem makes the package unusable, then I'm happy to escalate bug #256669 and have the ext2resize package removed from subsequent Ubuntu releases.