Comment 124 for bug 120375

   I've been doing sysadmin work for 15 years. I chose to try out Ubuntu
for a home RAID server project, and loaded up Hardy as it was an LTS
edition. In my first day working with Ubuntu, I ran into this bug, a bug
where the version of mdadm (pretty well out of date) on Hardy was unable to
resume a RAID reshape operation, and the ext2resize tools incorrectly detect
the RAID stride. All of these bugs are BASIC functionality of the storage
management tools which should have never made it through any sort of QA.

I reported all of them as bugs, and this is the ONLY one which has even
recieved a developer response after 2 months.

For a Long Term Support edition, that's shameful. Not only that, but a bug
which in a COMMON situation can prevent boot and your response as to whether
a fix will be backported is "I'll spend a few cycles considering backporting

Your lack of understanding for someone's sarcasm is completely unjustified,
and the level of developer/bugfix support I'm seeing for Ubuntu is
pathetic. With this level of support, using Ubuntu for any sort of a
corporate server application would be a really poor decision.