Comment 12 for bug 120375

Fumihito YOSHIDA (hito) wrote :

Dear Davias,

I suppose that you use 386, when you use another one(e.g. amd64),
please use your arch's pkg.

- Please download from
 $ wget

- Install with dpkg command.(in your gnome-terminal)
 $ sudo dpkg -i mdadm_2.5.6-7ubuntu5_i386.deb
 In this case, we cannot depend on Synaptic.
 Downloading and dpkg exec is not a well-mannered procedure, but useful.

- And, "hold" this package. This command is important. If you not set "hold",
 update-manager will upgrade mdadm package...(and break your effort).
 $ sudo dpkg-hold mdadm

I cannot assert about your concern, but I tested in some case,
system was working well.
If you have worry, re-run mdadm settings with 2.5.6-7ubuntu5.

hmm... This is a difficult quesition.
Old version of mdadm is working well, but I cant understood any reason...
So I cant tell you how you had better do it.