Comment 109 for bug 120375

miguel (miguel-scantec) wrote :

I've experimented this bug on a new system I sold.. After a few days working, one of the disks just died for my bad luck. I lost a Lot of hours trying to fix it, resulting downtime to our costumer.. I couldn't believe when I saw the panic I went to was the result of a bug not fixed on this so called LTS release.. I would call Hardy a Long Time Supported Testing Release.. This "bug" has been here more than 1 year.. I just dumped hardy out of my way and went back to Debian Etch. No more Hard(y) and strange works for me! "It's extremely weird that the Debian distro doesn't have this bug (or behaviour) and Ubuntu has." Not that weird.. I just can't imagine Debian simply put out there a final release with a serious bug like this one..