Comment 0 for bug 1615210

Andres Rodriguez (andreserl) wrote :

Following the SRU of MAAS 2.0rc2 in Xenial, we would like to request the SRU of MAAS 2.0 Final.

This is a new version of MAAS that provides bugfixes only. It addresses various upstream bugs, that were fixed after RC2 was released (and before it landed in Xenial).

[Regression Potential]
Minimal. MAAS has been thoroughly tested stand alone as well as via upgrades. It has been QA'd in a CI lab as well as other production deployments:

Tests done:

1. Upgraded a production lab.

2. MAAS CI Lab:
 - Tests Installation (from pkgs), configuration / customization of MAAS, enlistment, commissioning. It also tests deployments with Juju.
 - Tests various API's
 - Tests are performed against Xenial

3. Other manual testing include:
 - Installation (both fresh and upgrades)
 - Configuration
 - Taking nodes through the lifecycle for regression testing.
 - Custom configuration to ensure proper operation.
 - Tests API's for regressions, and keeping backwards compatibility.

2.0.0 (rc4)

Issues fixed in this release

LP: #1592666 Mirror URL contains double slash (/) after hostname, impacting proxy cachaility.
LP: #1604461 [2.0rc2] Static IP address are allowed to be created in a dynamic range.
LP: #1610397 When juju adds containers to MAAS, ensure they inherit the parent machine domain name, if none is passed by Juju.
LP: #1611342 UI error while generating a MAAS key (token).
LP: #1610414 always sets an op in the query string

2.0.0 (rc3)

Issues fixed in this release

LP: #1557434 For the MAAS CLI, mimic the error behaviour provided by argparse 1.1 on PyPI when insufficient arguments are given.
LP: #1594991 MAAS displays every power query on the summarized view of node event log.
LP: #1603147 Commissioning dropdown is grey and checkmarks are missing.
LP: #1576116 [2.0rc1] MAAS does not respect default subnet's DNS server when choosing default DNS
LP: #1600720 [2.0rc1] MAAS doesn't honor DNS settings for a subnet for DHCP
LP: #1598028 [2.0] Loading latest machine events can make web browser unresponsive
LP: #1604128 [2.0rc2] Unable to add a public SSH Key due to lp1604147
LP: #1604169 [2.0] maas login yields "ImportError: No module named 'maasserver'"
LP: #1604962 Fixes to correctly log cloud-init/curtin FAIL events in the node event log.
LP: #1604987 Fixes to correctly log "mark_failed" events.
LP: #1602721 [2.0rc2] Can't get node-results via cli/api
LP: #1604465 [2.0] RackController.get_image_sync_status causes huge load on regiond process
LP: #1598149 [2.0rc2] MAAS is not automatically monitoring timeouts for commissioning.
LP: #1605252 [2.0] Error messaging about monitor expiry has been dropped