Comment 8 for bug 1316272

Felipe Reyes (freyes) wrote :

I'm seeing this problem in juju-core when calling juju destroy-machine, this is a environment where maas has ~580 nodes.

Juju is doing a GET request with a URL 19382 characters, the specific operation is 'list' and it's passing a set of node ids to filter the list (specifically 429 ids)

The problem seems to be in this line , it should be doing a POST request.

Sample URL:

GET /MAAS/api/1.0/nodes/?agent_name=f1340a43-06be-4046-8cd8-3b7820e8b0b3&id=node-81858d5e-743f-11e4-8ed9-fcaa141207d4&id=node-f3064ec6-5f33-11e4-ac30-fcaa141207d4&id=node-d7c4c19a-97c0-11e4-823c-fcaa1412....&op=list

The workaround used was to increase the LimitRequestLine[0] in /etc/maas/maas-http.conf