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Scott Moser (smoser) wrote :

Upstream work will be occuring in maas over the next month that we would like to take advantage of in Ubuntu.

[Proposed Changes]
We'd like to do upload to ubuntu maas that includes new functionality being
developed. That function includes:
 * utilization of the simplestreams data at to keep ephemeral (and possibly installable) images up to date locally and ready for installation. This will also address 2 issues we have, first that we can currently only download images over a secure link (https) and second that we are not deleting ephemeral images after they're imported.
 * use of simplestreams data to provide d-i kernel and initramfs without scraping
 * [possible] LLDP work
 * ability for user to specify 'install-data' in addition to 'user-data' that they can do now. This allows the user to pass "preseed" data through to the installer to affect disk installation layout or kernel selection or other things that really need to be setup in the installer.
 * integration with curtin package for faster and reliable installation.
 * improvements to simplestreams to use the ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring keyring (currently only can use user's keyring)