Comment 0 for bug 959352

Benji York (benji) wrote :

Ephemeral containers (but not non-ephemeral ones) have all of their /proc/*/maps entries prefixed with "/rootfs". One problem this causes is that graphviz uses /proc/self/maps to locate its plugins. That means that some of the plugins can not be loaded.

To reproduce the problem with dot, run this command:

    dot -Tcmapx < /dev/null

No output is expected, however because of the bug this output is produced:

    Format: "cmapx" not recognized. Use one of: dia hpgl mif mp pcl pic vtx

A workaround for the problem with graphviz is to make the plugins available at the path it is expecting:

    mkdir -p /rootfs/usr/lib
    ln -s /usr/lib/graphviz /rootfs/usr/lib/graphviz