Comment 68 for bug 1476662

Stephen Gaito (3-stephen) wrote :

Looking through the top Google results on how to bind-mount a directory from the host-server into the lxc-server I notice that:

* St├ęphane Graber's "LXC 1.0: Advanced container usage [3/10]" post ( ) makes use of the **relative** mount point (in the lxc-server's fstab config file on the host-server)

* Unfortunately the **official**(?) Debian LXC wiki page on "LXC" has the topic "Bind mounts inside the container" ( ) which uses the lxc.mount.entry line in the config file **and** makes use of an **absolute** mount point.

So those following the official Debian LXC documentation will be caught by this security patch. ;-(

Just to be definite: changing all lxc.mount.entry mount points to **relative** paths is a current workaround.