Comment 26 for bug 38409

I am talking with LVM upstream (as in the previous discussion pasted in the bug) to see if this is the fix or there is a better fix that should be done in LVM.

The point is that lvm is creating temporary devices in /dev/mapper in order to trigger some kernel stuff. These temporary devices are clashing with udev managing /dev.

Now this is yet another "lvm is at fault, no udev is at fault, no lvm..... etc" kind of bug. As I discussed with Patrick (pjc) it would make sense to slam temporary devices out of /dev and allow udev to have full control over /dev as it is supposed. On the other side changing lvm do that is not trivial and upstream might not want to do it.

The discussion is going on. From my perspective what we have now is neither a workaround or the bug fix. It makes things working.