Comment 3 for bug 341928

Ronald McCollam (fader) wrote :

This is still reliably repeatable on at least one machine using the Jaunty Server image from 17 March 2009.

The machine is 'berkelium' in the enablement testing environment, an HP Proliant DL360 G5.

Attached are syslog and partman from the installer. I'm pretty consistently able to reproduce this -- I just got it twice in a row. It can be reproduced here, or for reference here's what I'm doing:

1. Start with a system partitioned to use LVM.
2. Perform an install attempting to repartition the LVM space as a single normal partition.
3. Observe the behavior described above.

I'm not sure if the steps above are specifically related to reproducing this bug, but merely describing what we're doing when we see it.