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Erick Brunzell (lbsolost) wrote :

Uh, I wouldn't call this fixed, now instead of "Ubuntu LXDE Desktop" there is NO option at all to install "lubuntu-desktop" .......... only minimal/core :^(

That's based on testing the Feb 23 non-pae mini.iso. Let's please not make things worse. You're killing us testers.

From a current Precise Ubuntu install:

lance@lance-desktop:~$ tasksel --list-task
u server Basic Ubuntu server
u openssh-server OpenSSH server
u dns-server DNS server
u lamp-server LAMP server
u mail-server Mail server
u openstack Openstack
u postgresql-server PostgreSQL database
i print-server Print server
u samba-server Samba file server
u tomcat-server Tomcat Java server
u cloud-image Ubuntu Cloud Image (instance)
u virt-host Virtual Machine host
u ubuntustudio-graphics 2D/3D creation and editing suite
u ubuntustudio-recording Audio recording and editing suite
u edubuntu-desktop-kde Edubuntu KDE desktop (unsupported)
u edubuntu-desktop-gnome Edubuntu desktop
u kubuntu-desktop Kubuntu desktop
u kubuntu-full Kubuntu full
u kubuntu-mobile Kubuntu mobile
u ubuntustudio-audio-plugins LADSPA/LV2/DSSI audio plugins
u ubuntustudio-font-meta Large selection of font packages
u lubuntu-core Lubuntu minimal installation
u mythbuntu-desktop Mythbuntu additional roles
u mythbuntu-frontend Mythbuntu frontend
u mythbuntu-backend-master Mythbuntu master backend
u mythbuntu-backend-slave Mythbuntu slave backend
u ubuntustudio-generation Tone generation and editing suite
i ubuntu-desktop Ubuntu desktop
u ubuntu-usb Ubuntu desktop USB
u ubuntustudio-video Video creation and editing suite
u edubuntu-dvd-live Edubuntu live DVD
u kubuntu-mobile-live Kubuntu Mobile Remix live CD
u kubuntu-live Kubuntu live CD
u kubuntu-dvd-live Kubuntu live DVD
u lubuntu-live Lubuntu live CD
u ubuntustudio-dvd-live Ubuntu Studio live DVD
u ubuntu-live Ubuntu live CD
u ubuntu-dvd-live Ubuntu live DVD
u ubuntu-usb-live Ubuntu live USB
u xubuntu-live Xubuntu live CD
u manual Manual package selection

But I also notice that there is no longer an option for Xubuntu desktop :^(