Comment 30 for bug 1768961


I have now installed the released 18.10 version of Lubuntu, and have exactly the same problem as before...

1. Install Lubuntu 18.10
2. Reboot
3. Edit /home/scott/.config/user-dirs.dirs to point the standard xdg directories to
directories in my /data/scott directory
4. Log out/Log in
5. PCManFM-qt shows the (for me) usual mangled reference for Desktop when the left pane button is clicked upon. I will attach a screenshot of PCManFM-qt and its error message.

I have run all of the commands that you showed in your .png screenshot
(which, when double-clicked upon brings up Firefox, not LXImage...),
and cut/pasted them into a text file, which I will attach.

[By the way... I first attempted to change the user dirs by using
Preferences-->LXQt Settings-->Session Settings - User Directories
to change just Desktop and Downloads (as a test) but upon clicking on "Close",
An error window pops up saying that: "An error occurred when applying the settings for the
Desktop location" When "OK" was clicked, the same error came up for "Downloads".
I checked the user-dirs.dirs file (in case the file was changed despite
the error messages), and it was unchanged.

I don't know if the two problems are related, but if you can identify the package
that I should "ubuntu-bug", I will do so. After changing the user-dirs.dirs file manually and
logging out and then in again, the session settings still showed the /home/scott
location as before, not /data/scott ...]