Comment 20 for bug 1768961

I have now booted into my old Lubuntu Next 17.10 install, to see what
PCManFM-qt was doing there.

It reports the correct Desktop location: "/data/scott/Desktop"
No problem at all.

To summarize:

In BOTH Lubuntu Next 17.10 and 18.04 (the final dailies of each),
PCManFM-qt finds/uses "/data/scott/Desktop" correctly for handling the
actual desktop (displaying the icons on the desktop, etc.)


Lubuntu Next 18.04's PCManFM-qt does not find/use the correct directory
for the left panel Desktop button, whereas Lubuntu Next 17.10's version

For Lubuntu Next 17.10 final daily (possibly updated in its 6 month life):
pcmanfm-qt version: 0.11.3-4
libfm-qt3 version: 0.11.2-2build1
liblxqt0 version: 0.11.1-2
libqt5xdg2 version: 2.0.0-8


[I even booted into Lubuntu 17.04, and PCManFM (non-Qt) correctly handled my
desktop directory for the left panel Desktop button.
pcmanfm version: 1.2.5-2ubuntu0.1]