Comment 6 for bug 1471903

On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 04:59:36PM -0000, Łukasz Zemczak wrote:
> @Brian: I need to add the overlay entries to the sources.list. Since
> those are visible in apt/lists, but not there. In the same time I'm also
> trying to get -security and -updates added to apt/lists correctly.
> I'm still learning my way around all this, but I see that in fact it's
> live-build that's removing those entries. lb_chroot_archives clears out
> updates, security and proposed from that for ubuntu builds by default. I
> guess I can somehow work around that, so no worries.

That seems like a bug to me, as we would run into similar situations
(not being able to use ubuntu-bug with a package from any of those
pockets) from point release media like 14.04.3.

Brian Murray