Comment 27 for bug 1471903

Robie Basak (racb) wrote :

ogra asked on IRC to wait until the phone product team can comment on Monday.

Here's how it sounds to me (my attempt at a summary):

0) apport-cli and user crash reporting is broken because the -security and -update apt lists are missing.

1) It isn't ideal for apt lists to be shipped in the image since they use up space and can be downloaded later.

2) Downloading later would involve medium-sized changes to apport.

3) We're already shipping most of the apt lists already anyway, just not the -security and -updates lists that would add ~4.9MB to the size.

4) So the options to fix this are:
a) Add the -security and -updates lists with a simple patch
b) Add support for apport to handle apt list updates on the fly (including making /var/lib/apt/lists writeable or something)

5) ogra is opposed to 4a right now for size reasons.

6) Nobody has proposed to implement 4b.

7) rbasak wants to see this bug fixed, and wants to sponsor 4a to Wily assuming that it won't directly break something, since some fix is better than no fix.