Comment 23 for bug 1471903

On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 09:05:32AM -0000, Oliver Grawert wrote:
> note that we are not shipping *any* package lists today, it is 0 vs
> whatever tens of MB we add by removing the patch, there is no "slightly
> bigger"
> also this patch isnt enough i think, IIRC there are other places in
> livecd-rootfs where the package lists are forcefully removed to make
> sure we dont waste space on them, please also make the product team
> aware before making this change, since this limits the allowed space
> the custom tarball can occupy.
> also check if there are any developer tools that might use the deb-src
> entries for pulling build deps or whatnot (and add another patch to
> remove all teh deb-src entries). using apport-cli will be done by
> perhaps 1% of the users, since you need to use a terminal or developer
> mode to even execute it, do we really want to make everyone suffer by
> this instead of working out a proper solution that doesnt waste our
> extremely limited free space for a feature used by a fraction of users
> ?

Keep in mind that, as I mentioned in comment #13, this does not just
affect apport-cli but also prevents people who have opted into reporting
crashes from sending their core dumps because the packages will have an
unknown origin.

Brian Murray