Comment 13 for bug 1471903

Brian Murray (brian-murray) wrote :

It helps because we will never ask for core files from crashes from packages for which the package origin is unknown. If the apt list is outdated then the package field in the report will look like this:

Package: coreutils 8.23-3ubuntu1 [origin: unknown]

The code in daisy that asks for core files includes the following:

def retraceable_package(package):
    if not "[origin: " in package:
        return True
    elif "[origin: Ubuntu RTM]" in package:
        return True
    elif "[origin: LP-PPA-ci-train-ppa-service" in package:
        return True
        return False

This helps prevent us for asking for core files (that would fail to retrace) for every random application that people install. However, at the same time if people are running a version of apport that had an SRU in vivid and that makes into to the phone and it crashes on armhf, then we will never receive core files for that crash. I think that's a pretty good reason to have the lists updated.