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Bug #1604058: virtualbox+usb 3.0 breaks boot, -28 kernel works High In Progress 26 weeks

From: Kamal Mostafa
Link: 0001-TEST-xhci-Fix-soft-lockup-in-xhci_pci_probe-path-whe.patch


Bug #1568729: divide error: 0000 [#1] SMP in task_numa_migrate - handle_mm_fault Undecided In Progress 26 weeks

From: Stefan Bader
Link: sched-fair-fix-cfs_rq-avg-tracking-underflow.patch


Bug #1605542: On slub.c file multiple issues. Medium Triaged 26 weeks

From: asu
Link: 0001-Disable-inline-when-is-posible-on-slub.c.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1605197: On add_nr_running , sub_nr_running issue. Medium Triaged 26 weeks
Bug #1605142: On timespect_trunc function issue. Medium Triaged 26 weeks
Bug #1605056: On __internal_add_timer func issue. Medium Triaged 26 weeks
Bug #1603880: On preempt_enable preemt_disable and others issue Medium Triaged 26 weeks

From: asu
Link: already_sync_per_cpu.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1584475: No input events for FutureMax Dance Mat Medium Triaged 26 weeks

From: Xaratas
Link: 0002-hid-sony-Fix-power-supply-creation-when-device-have-.patch

Patch 2 of 2 Duplictate Battery Device Name

Bug #1598529: On update_blocked_averages function issue Medium Triaged 26 weeks

From: asu
Link: issue_on_rebalance_domains.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1603799: On update_curr update_curr_rt issue Medium Triaged 26 weeks

From: asu
Link: disable_mult_invoc_update_curr_rt.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1602755: Tunnel offload indications not stripped from encapsulated packets, causing performance overhead Undecided Fix Committed 27 weeks
Bug #1602405: On copy_page_to_iter_iovec function issue. Medium Triaged 27 weeks

From: asu
Link: add_cfs_rq_on_rq_str_cpu.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1602282: On __pollwait function issue. Medium Triaged 27 weeks

From: asu
Link: ChecK_NULL_on_poll_initwait.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1601867: On reschedule_interrupt function issue. Medium Triaged 27 weeks

From: asu
Link: dec_spann_on_alloc_intr_gate.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1600346: On irq_work_run_list function issue. Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: check_NULL_irq_work_run_list.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1599457: On idle_cpu function issue. Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: oneline_on_idle_cpu.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1599430: On finish_task_switch function issue. Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: inline_on_finish_task_switch.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1599407: On update_cfs_shares function issue. Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: add_supp_for_NULL_update_cfs_shares.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1599199: On __calc_delta function issue. Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: correct_stall_proc_on_calc_delta.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1599115: On __remove_hrtimer function issue. Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: no_stall_cpu_on_remove_hrtimer.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1599076: On exit_idle function issue Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: exit_idle_rebuild.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1598579: Check for NULL on io_is_direct function. Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: check_for_NULL_io_is_direct.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1598555: On intel_idle function issue. Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: fix_stall_mwait_idle_with_hints.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1598474: On clear_page_orig function issue. Medium Triaged 28 weeks

From: asu
Link: some_opti.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1597419: On __fget_light function issue Medium Triaged 29 weeks

From: asu
Link: decrease_stal_cyc.patch

Tested on linux-4.6.2

Bug #1596412: On native_write_msr_safe function issue Medium Triaged 29 weeks

From: asu
Link: apply_on_nes.patch


Bug #1233466: Hot-Add Memory failing for lack of udev rule Medium Triaged 32 weeks

From: Benjamin Drung
Link: 0001-Enable-CPU-and-RAM-hotplug-on-QEMU.patch


Bug #1587885: NULL pointer dereference in radeon drm code High Confirmed 33 weeks

From: Mark Fortescue
Link: validate_ddc_bus_before_use.patch

Validate ddc_bus before use

Bug #1557172: khubd/usbhid deadlock(?) creates processes in state D Medium Confirmed 33 weeks

From: Hans Bausewein
Link: hid-core.c-3.16-to-4.5.diff

Difference between Debian 3.16 and 4.5 hid-core.c

Bug #1433906: Acer, Inc ID 5986:055a is useless after 14.04.2 installed. High Fix Committed 33 weeks

From: Henrik Ingo
Link: 0001-PATCH-v3-uvcvideo-uvc_scan_fallback-for-webcams-with.patch


Bug #1584195: IMA-appraisal is still unusable in Ubuntu 16.04 Medium Triaged 35 weeks

From: Mehmet Kayaalp
Link: 0002-KEYS-Print-insert-sys-cert-information-to-stout-inst.patch

KEYS: Print insert-sys-cert information to stout instead of stderr

Bug #1583869: T460s and ThinkPad's with HKEY version 0x200 have missing Fn keys Medium Triaged 35 weeks

From: Marco Trevisan (Treviño)
Link: 3995-001.bin


Bug #1576564: Xen 32bit dom0 on 64bit hypervisor: bad page flags High Confirmed 36 weeks

From: Stefan Bader
Link: 0001-mm-Use-phys_addr_t-for-reserve_bootmem_region-argume.patch

Proposed fix which was sent upstream for discussion

Bug #1270844: Marvell 88SE9485 SAS/SATA 6Gb/s controller patch Medium Triaged 41 weeks

From: Leonid Moiseichuk
Link: 0001-SCSI-mvsas-generalize-Marvell-88SE9485-declaration.patch

patch for latest kernel but applicable almost to any 3.16+ kernel

Bug #1547838: ADMtek ADM8511 "Pegasus II" USB Ethernet causes oops Medium Triaged 41 weeks

From: a1291762
Link: 0001-pegasus-Do-not-write-more-data-to-the-buffer-than-it.patch


Bug #1564208: fix for linux_tools when cross-compiling Undecided Fix Committed 42 weeks

From: David Leonard
Link: debian-rules-linux-tools.patch


Bug #1550765: Headset doesn't work for HP EliteBook 755 G2 Medium Triaged 43 weeks

From: Derick Eddington
Link: patch_realtek.c.patch


Bug #1540532: Wily update to v4.2.8-ckt3 stable release Undecided Confirmed 47 weeks

From: Thomas Lamprecht
Link: 0001-KVM-VMX-Fix-host-initiated-access-to-guest-MSR_TSC_A.patch


Bug #1550373: [PATCH] firmware: dmi_scan: Fix dmi_ver inconsistencies Medium Confirmed 47 weeks
Bug #1534661: regression: Cypress touchpad driver (cyapa) ignores events after bieng idle for 2 seconds High Triaged 53 weeks

From: Eugene San
Link: input-cyapa-fix.tar.xz


Bug #1532412: kernel panic after "rmmod cx23885" by upstream commit 2f1ea29f / "[media] si2157: implement signal strength stats" Medium Triaged 53 weeks

From: Ernst Martin Witte
Link: 0005-media-rtl2830-cancel_delayed_work_sync-before-device.patch

[PATCH 5/5] [media] rtl2830: cancel_delayed_work_sync before device removal / kfree

Bug #1513297: XE500C12-K01US Samsung Chromebook 2 Ubuntu 14.04 touchpad not responsive High Triaged 57 weeks

From: rgkirch
Link: atmel-winky.patch


Bug #1250109: Please use dpkg-triggers for update-grub when installing or removing kernel packages Wishlist Triaged 58 weeks

From: Phillip Susi
Link: use-triggers.debdiff


Bug #1463911: IPV6 fragmentation and mtu issue Medium Confirmed 61 weeks

From: Jay Vosburgh
Link: ubuntu-vivid-sru.patch

Backport patch for vivid 3.19

Bug #1501884: linux-image-extra-*-generic postrm script runs install actions Undecided Confirmed 62 weeks

From: Sebastian Unger
Link: fix-image-extra-postrm-action.diff

Change the image-extra post* maintainer script to run runparts on the appropriate directory in /etc/kernel.

Bug #1511855: Some Sony Dualshock 4 controllers do not work in kernel 3.15+ Low Incomplete 64 weeks

From: Chris Osgood
Link: hid-sony-ds4.patch


Bug #1509237: dm-cache: clean cache resyncs to origin on every boot Undecided Confirmed 65 weeks

From: Bogdan Vasiliev
Link: dm-cache-metadata.patch


Bug #1482273: Dell Ubuntu 3551: failure to boot without nolapic option High Triaged 68 weeks

From: Mark Standridge
Link: patch

reinstate the optimization to stepwise.c

Bug #1424293: BYD trackpad detected as PS/2 mouse Medium Triaged 69 weeks

From: Martin Wimpress
Link: ubuntu-wily-byd.diff


Bug #1494943: module signing can fail if the module identifier starts with a zero byte High In Progress 70 weeks

From: Andy Whitcroft
Link: wily+master-next-0001-x509-only-prefix-strip-raw-serial-numbers.patch


Bug #1310800: 056a:0302 Trusty Tahr, kernel 3.13: automatic load of wacom.ko driver cause a "hard" kernel panic High Confirmed 73 weeks

From: Jason Gerecke
Link: make-sure-touch_input-is-valid-before-using.patch

Upstream 44b9683 modified to apply against Ubuntu's 3.13 and 3.16 kernels

Bug #1478696: dell-laptop: Incorrect keyboard backlight detection Medium Triaged 77 weeks

From: Darek Stojaczyk
Link: dell-laptop.patch

Possible fix

Bug #1205791: Dell Vostro V131: special keys not working Medium Confirmed 77 weeks

From: Darek Stojaczyk
Link: dell-laptop.patch

Michał Kępień's patch based on dell-laptop from 4.1.2 kernel

Bug #1451378: Network-manager fail to start on full duplex Medium Triaged 82 weeks

From: asu
Link: RTL80102.patch

Working with router dir 600

Bug #1456987: beaglebone: warning "cpu cpu0: cpu0 regulator not ready, retry" during boot Undecided Incomplete 87 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-Config-armhf-MFD_TPS65217-y-REGULATOR_TPS6521.patch


Bug #1425398: Apparmor uses rsyslogd profile for different processes - utopic HWE Undecided Confirmed 87 weeks

From: Steve Beattie
Link: tests-workaround_for_unix_socket_change-lp1425398.patch


Bug #880316: Link not detected / cable seems unplugged with jme - JMicron JMC250 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Medium Confirmed 88 weeks

From: Ben Hutchings
Link: 0001-jme-link-management-changes-from-OOT-version-

jme: link management changes from OOT version

Bug #1453848: Compilation warning on Utopic Low Triaged 88 weeks

From: Luis Henriques
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-SAUCE-no-up-trace-fix-trace_open_exec-invocat.patch


Bug #1437755: Touchpad incorrectly detected as PS/2 mouse in 'ASUS PU551L' Medium Triaged 88 weeks

From: David Zafra Gómez
Link: 0001-elantech-Fix-detection-of-touchpads-where-the-revisi.patch


Bug #1452628: beaglebone: random MAC on boot Undecided Confirmed 89 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0007-arm-dts-am33xx-Add-syscon-phandle-to-cpsw-node.patch


Bug #1449730: Bluetooth not working on Asus G56JK notebook (Ubtuntu 15.04) Medium Confirmed 90 weeks

From: Pilot6
Link: v3-0001-ath3k-Add-support-of-04ca-300f-bt-AR3012.patch


Bug #1448479: keyboard not detected with thinkpad helix (2nd gen) High Triaged 90 weeks

From: jonnieo
Link: hid-lenovo.patch

patch for kernel v4.0.1 jiris's tree

Bug #1447485: serial: 8250_pci: Add support for 16 port Exar boards Medium In Progress 91 weeks

From: Soeren Grunewald
Link: 0001-serial-8250_pci-Add-support-for-16-port-Exar-boards.patch


Bug #1438677: dom0 kernel panic - xen_blkbk_unmap+0x5c/0x2f0 [xen_blkback] High Triaged 94 weeks

From: Giuseppe Mazzotta
Link: c43cf3ea838541ea9f066f4f1aa7b197cba6276e.patch

xen-blkback: safely unmap grants in case they are still in use

Bug #1427945: [STAGING] package linux-headers-3.2.0-77-generic-pae (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: nelze vytvořit „/usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-77-generic-pae/include/config/reiserfs/fs/xattr.h.dpkg-new“ (při zpracování „./usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-77-generic-pae/include/config/reiserfs/fs/xattr.h“): Na zařízení není volné místo Undecided Confirmed 98 weeks

From: Roman Stejskal
Link: Popis Problemu - Question.jpeg

Popis Problemu - Question.jpeg

Bug #1414789: Kernel Oops - unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000010; EIP is at fb_release+0x26/0x60 High Triaged 99 weeks

From: LAva
Link: 0001-Fixed-a-slot_no_hotplug-bug-in-acpiphp-system.patch


Bug #1362046: kernel module (sony-laptop) Medium Confirmed 100 weeks

From: xdom
Link: fix-sony-laptop.patch


Bug #1416277: toshiba_acpi: Unknown key 158 Medium In Progress 100 weeks

From: Joseph Salisbury
Link: 0001-toshiba_acpi-Add-Toshiba-Satellite-P50W-B-and-Satell.patch


Bug #1416702: EMU 0404 USB automatic sample rate Medium Confirmed 100 weeks

From: Andrei Demin
Link: patch


Bug #1384342: kernel messages intel_crtc_wait_for_pending_flips correlate to compiz hang High Triaged 101 weeks

From: Dirk Seidel
Link: intel_display.c.patch


Bug #1420544: [SRU] Ubuntu instances on GCE should use NOOP scheduler Medium Confirmed 101 weeks

From: Ben Howard
Link: deb.diff

Debdiff of change

Bug #1400164: gspca_vc032x module doesn't work properly with 046d:0892 Logitech, Inc. OrbiCam Medium Incomplete 105 weeks

From: Luca
Link: vc032x.diff

gspca/vc032x doubled bytesperline

Bug #1358226: kernel and lockd xprt_adjust_timeout rq_timeout Medium Triaged 106 weeks

From: andrew bezella
Link: initialising-nlmsvc_timeout.patch


Bug #262408: SysRq key equivalent needed Undecided Confirmed 108 weeks

From: Ville Aakko

keyfuzz init script patch

Bug #1275879: Kernel panic High Fix Committed 111 weeks

From: Seth Forshee
Link: 0001-xen-netfront-Remove-BUGs-on-paged-skb-data-which-cro.patch


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