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Bug #922037: 10de:1057 "reduce brightness" key freezes system Medium Incomplete 123 weeks

From: Youquan Song
Link: 0001-x86-apic-set-x2apic-blacklist.patch


Bug #1065589: "initctl list" shows 11974 instances of network-interface-security after two days of uptime Medium Incomplete 129 weeks

From: Serge Hallyn
Link: 0001-dev_change_net_namespace-send-a-KOBJ_REMOVED-to-orig.patch


Bug #1064086: Cypress trackpad: Occasional taps leak through as clicks even with tap-to-click disabled. Medium Fix Committed 129 weeks

From: Kyle Fazzari
Link: fix-taps-turning-into-clicks.patch

Fixed by making sure that the "tap" bit in the header is handled even if the trackpad reports the number of fingers in contact to be zero.

Bug #1040526: Graphics dithered on Desktop image Medium Confirmed 129 weeks

From: ojordan
Link: postinst-patch

Yaboot-installer postinst patch

Bug #1063791: ubuntu kernels < 3.7 do not include DISCARD/TRIM (FITRIM ioctl) for JFS filesystem Medium Triaged 129 weeks

From: Torsten Eichstädt
Link: patch-Ubuntu+JFS_TRIM.diff

patch to add DISCARD/TRIM to JFS for kernels < 3.7

Bug #1037630: 04f2:a13b Microphone not working on USB Webcam Medium Confirmed 137 weeks

From: Erik Andresen
Link: quirk.patch

Workaround, not fix

Bug #624877: INFO: task dpkg:23317 blocked for more than 120 seconds. Undecided Confirmed 138 weeks

From: Michael Jeanson
Link: dpkg_1.15.5.6ubuntu4.5.debdiff


Bug #958174: Wireless Mouse not registered on Startup or Reboot Medium Incomplete 143 weeks

From: 89c51
Link: 0001-HID-hid-logitech-dj-fix-bug.patch

Patch for testing

Bug #991232: 14e4:432b Regression in wireless performance when on battery power Medium Triaged 143 weeks

From: Ryan Thompson
Link: wl-battery-performance-fix.patch

Patch to disable power-saving for wl driver

Bug #994931: Altering use_tempaddr drops all IPv6 addresses Medium Confirmed 150 weeks

From: Malcolm Scott
Link: ipv6-privacy-fix.diff

fixed IPv6 Privacy implementation

Bug #954109: ALPS driver lacks semi-MT support for "v4" touchpads Wishlist Confirmed 155 weeks

From: george panta
Link: alpsv4.patch

ALPS v4 semi-mt support patch (buggy) v2

Bug #838200: No network support on Beagle XM Medium Confirmed 161 weeks

From: Tobin Davis
Link: config.diff


Bug #932850: add PAX refcount overflow protection Undecided Confirmed 163 weeks

From: David Windsor
Link: pax-refcount-ubuntu-2.6.32.patch

PAX reference count overflow protection

Bug #929694: gamepad has incorrect code. Medium Confirmed 164 weeks

From: Ingo Ruhnke
Link: linux-gamepad.patch


Bug #915408: Garbled display on external screen when using 1920x1080 instead of 1920x1200 Medium Incomplete 165 weeks

From: Bryce Harrington
Link: refine_tmds_dual_link_checks.patch


Bug #791833: Dell ST2220T Monitor responds to touch only on warm boot from windows Medium Incomplete 167 weeks

From: Benjamin Tissoires
Link: 0001-HID-multitouch-fix-handling-of-buggy-reports-descrip.patch


Bug #833101: perf uses less at the default pager, but the linux-tools packages have no dependency for it Undecided In Progress 167 weeks

From: Avik Sil
Link: perf-less.patch


Bug #907446: Corrupt ttys, splash; Console colour dummy device Medium Incomplete 171 weeks

From: TJ
Link: 0001-LP907446-corrupt-consoles-on-Intel-i815-device.patch

Blacklist Intel 815 devices from GRUB GFX handover

Bug #899717: [PATCH] Loopback device partition cleanup on detach Medium Triaged 172 weeks

From: Phillip Susi
Link: 0001-loop-cleanup-partitions-when-detaching-loop-device.patch


Bug #578506: [Acer Aspire 5930] ACPI: EC: input buffer is not empty, aborting transaction Medium Incomplete 174 weeks

From: Luca Zenatti
Link: ec_3.0.0.diff

Difference file for kernel 3.0.0 ec.c

Bug #889953: bandwidth allocation problems with external USB audio device Medium Incomplete 176 weeks

From: David Monniaux
Link: ehci_bugfix.patch

Thomas Poussevin's patch

Bug #874544: mkdir failure on NFS with Apparmor Undecided Incomplete 181 weeks
Bug #862136: Can't define network with IPv6 address in libvirt - fails to define address Medium Triaged 183 weeks

From: Neil Wilson
Link: Bring-up-dummy-interface.patch

Start dummy bridge interface 'up' rather than 'down'

Bug #624787: BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at 746f6fa4; EIP is at omnibook_init+0x30/0x194 [omnibook] Undecided Incomplete 185 weeks

From: Philip Pokorny
Link: omnibook-kmod-oops-array-alignment.patch

Fix "array" of structs alignment

Bug #760142: ImPS/2 ALPS GlidePoint configure as PS/2 mouse instead of proper touchpad Low Incomplete 187 weeks

From: cement_head
Link: syndaemon-mouse-maverick.diff

Patch for Maverick Meerket (XORG Edgers PPA)

Bug #819002: Brightness level control is not working properly on Sony Vaio Undecided Incomplete 191 weeks

From: Lukasz Olszewski
Link: vaio-test13-2.6.39.patch

This patch was reported by many as fixing this and some other issues (

Bug #361733: dmraid(fakeRAID) raid1 driver doesn't loadbalance reads Undecided Confirmed 195 weeks

From: Robert Collins
Link: raid1-loadbalance.patch


Bug #777311: Installing In Xen Paravirtualized Guest Fails To Load xen-netfront Undecided Confirmed 198 weeks

From: Alex
Link: ubuntu-1104-xen-domu-networking.patch


Bug #792937: 06a3:ffb5 iforce kernel module doesn't recognize my joystick Medium Confirmed 199 weeks
Bug #756894: mount.ocfs2: join errors when node with kernel >= 2.6.37 joins with nodes with kernels < 2.6.37 Medium Confirmed 207 weeks

From: iMac
Link: o2cb_locking_protocol_patch.txt.gz

Patch submitted by oracle to upstream 2.6.39

Bug #751901: mayflash super joy box 5 pro can only use 1 gamepad Medium Triaged 208 weeks

From: Carlos Ramos
Link: superjoy_box_5.patch


Bug #736171: 168c:002a ath: Failed to stop TX DMA in 100 msec after killing last frame Medium Incomplete 211 weeks
Bug #621265: Slow Wireless Connection in Intel 3945abg Medium Incomplete 218 weeks

From: Radosław Piliszek
Link: 0002-iwl3945-remove-check_plcp_health.patch

The patch copied from Redhat's bugzilla. (0002-iwl3945-remove-check_plcp_health)

Bug #644898: required kernel toshiba support not enabled Undecided Confirmed 221 weeks

From: Nikita Tsukanov
Link: toshiba_acpi.patch

New patch

Bug #153727: Ethernet device's MAC address changes (causing its device number to increase by one each time) Medium Incomplete 237 weeks

From: Jack Wasey
Link: forcedeth.tar.bz2


Bug #502433: Lucid: b43 fatal DMA error on Dell Mini 9 Medium Incomplete 265 weeks

From: Jeff Craig
Link: kernel-b43.diff

Patch applying Patchwork patch to Ubuntu-Kernel

Bug #414560: 168c:002a ath9k disassociates/reassociates a lot High Incomplete 280 weeks

From: Didier Roche
Link: 75_ath9k-1005ha-reload


Bug #263944: Booting OS from SD card reader(through SDIO interface) Undecided Confirmed 343 weeks

From: Bruce Chang


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