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Bug #1456987: beaglebone: warning "cpu cpu0: cpu0 regulator not ready, retry" during boot Undecided Incomplete 62 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-Config-armhf-MFD_TPS65217-y-REGULATOR_TPS6521.patch


Bug #1425398: Apparmor uses rsyslogd profile for different processes - utopic HWE Undecided Confirmed 62 weeks

From: Steve Beattie
Link: tests-workaround_for_unix_socket_change-lp1425398.patch


Bug #880316: Link not detected / cable seems unplugged with jme - JMicron JMC250 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Medium Confirmed 63 weeks

From: Ben Hutchings
Link: 0001-jme-link-management-changes-from-OOT-version-

jme: link management changes from OOT version

Bug #1453848: Compilation warning on Utopic Low Triaged 63 weeks

From: Luis Henriques
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-SAUCE-no-up-trace-fix-trace_open_exec-invocat.patch


Bug #1437755: Touchpad incorrectly detected as PS/2 mouse in 'ASUS PU551L' Medium Triaged 63 weeks

From: David Zafra Gómez
Link: 0001-elantech-Fix-detection-of-touchpads-where-the-revisi.patch


Bug #1452628: beaglebone: random MAC on boot Undecided Confirmed 64 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0007-arm-dts-am33xx-Add-syscon-phandle-to-cpsw-node.patch


Bug #1449730: Bluetooth not working on Asus G56JK notebook (Ubtuntu 15.04) Medium Confirmed 65 weeks

From: Pilot6
Link: v3-0001-ath3k-Add-support-of-04ca-300f-bt-AR3012.patch


Bug #1448479: keyboard not detected with thinkpad helix (2nd gen) High Triaged 65 weeks

From: jonnieo
Link: hid-lenovo.patch

patch for kernel v4.0.1 jiris's tree

Bug #1447485: serial: 8250_pci: Add support for 16 port Exar boards Medium In Progress 66 weeks

From: Soeren Grunewald
Link: 0001-serial-8250_pci-Add-support-for-16-port-Exar-boards.patch


Bug #1438677: dom0 kernel panic - xen_blkbk_unmap+0x5c/0x2f0 [xen_blkback] High Triaged 69 weeks

From: Giuseppe Mazzotta
Link: c43cf3ea838541ea9f066f4f1aa7b197cba6276e.patch

xen-blkback: safely unmap grants in case they are still in use

Bug #1427945: [STAGING] package linux-headers-3.2.0-77-generic-pae (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: nelze vytvořit „/usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-77-generic-pae/include/config/reiserfs/fs/xattr.h.dpkg-new“ (při zpracování „./usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-77-generic-pae/include/config/reiserfs/fs/xattr.h“): Na zařízení není volné místo Undecided Confirmed 73 weeks

From: Roman Stejskal
Link: Popis Problemu - Question.jpeg

Popis Problemu - Question.jpeg

Bug #1414789: Kernel Oops - unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000010; EIP is at fb_release+0x26/0x60 High Triaged 74 weeks

From: LAva
Link: 0001-Fixed-a-slot_no_hotplug-bug-in-acpiphp-system.patch


Bug #1362046: kernel module (sony-laptop) Medium Confirmed 75 weeks

From: xdom
Link: fix-sony-laptop.patch


Bug #1416277: toshiba_acpi: Unknown key 158 Medium In Progress 75 weeks

From: Joseph Salisbury
Link: 0001-toshiba_acpi-Add-Toshiba-Satellite-P50W-B-and-Satell.patch


Bug #1416702: EMU 0404 USB automatic sample rate Medium Confirmed 75 weeks

From: Andrei Demin
Link: patch


Bug #1384342: kernel messages intel_crtc_wait_for_pending_flips correlate to compiz hang High Triaged 76 weeks

From: Dirk Seidel
Link: intel_display.c.patch


Bug #1420544: [SRU] Ubuntu instances on GCE should use NOOP scheduler Medium Confirmed 76 weeks

From: Ben Howard
Link: deb.diff

Debdiff of change

Bug #1400164: gspca_vc032x module doesn't work properly with 046d:0892 Logitech, Inc. OrbiCam Medium Incomplete 80 weeks

From: Luca
Link: vc032x.diff

gspca/vc032x doubled bytesperline

Bug #1358226: kernel and lockd xprt_adjust_timeout rq_timeout Medium Triaged 81 weeks

From: andrew bezella
Link: initialising-nlmsvc_timeout.patch


Bug #262408: SysRq key equivalent needed Undecided Confirmed 83 weeks

From: Ville Aakko

keyfuzz init script patch

Bug #1275879: Kernel panic High Fix Committed 86 weeks

From: Seth Forshee
Link: 0001-xen-netfront-Remove-BUGs-on-paged-skb-data-which-cro.patch


Bug #1342561: [Asus X750LN] Touchpad not recognized High Triaged 90 weeks

From: Pilot6
Link: focaltech-3.16-v3.patch


Bug #1371591: file not initialized to 0s under some conditions High In Progress 94 weeks

From: Petr Vandrovec
Link: 0001-Do-not-silently-discard-WRITE_SAME-requests.patch

Do not ignore WRITE_SAME failures

Bug #1270808: iwlwifi 0000:01:00.0: fail to flush all tx fifo queues Q 2 Medium In Progress 94 weeks

From: Emmanuel Grumbach
Link: 0001-iwlwifi-dvm-drop-non-VO-frames-when-flushing.patch


Bug #1364091: Possible RAID-6 corruption High Triaged 95 weeks

From: Seth Forshee
Link: 0001-md-raid6-avoid-data-corruption-during-recovery-of-do.patch


Bug #1300349: 8086:0a16 [Dell Inspiron 17R 5737] Video looks interlaced Medium Triaged 99 weeks

From: Peter-jezdec
Link: fix_dp.diff


Bug #1363462: Crucial M550 1TB SSD missing from NCQ TRIM blacklist Medium Incomplete 99 weeks

From: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
Link: Crucial-M550-blacklist-2a13772a144d2956a7fedd18685921d0a9b8b783.patch

Upstream kernel patch blacklisting the affected drive

Bug #1355318: wlan-dongle ID 0df6:0076 Sitecom Europe B.V. Medium Triaged 102 weeks

From: h
Link: 0001-add-usb-id-Sitecom-N150-v2.patch


Bug #1310248: [Lenovo Thinkpad X220] wireless switch doesn't generate an acpi event Medium Triaged 111 weeks

From: Tobias Stegmann
Link: 0001-Make-Thinkpad-hw-wireless-switch-propagate-an-acpi-e.patch


Bug #1326905: precise has wrong PTRACE_EVENT_SECCOMP value High Triaged 112 weeks

From: Kees Cook
Link: 0001-ptrace-renumber-PTRACE_EVENT_STOP-so-that-future-new.patch


Bug #1310055: rt2x00 driver doesn't load for 57c:8501 (AVM Fritz Stick Nv2) Medium Confirmed 112 weeks

From: AZ
Link: 02-rt2800usb-fix-hang-during-firm


Bug #1279403: udlfd video driver hangs " BUG: scheduling while atomic " iscsi booted initrd : (trusty) High Triaged 113 weeks

Link: video.patch

Patch for system hang

Bug #1270676: SD Card Reader broken on UX302LG Medium Triaged 115 weeks

From: Oleksij Rempel
Link: [PATCH] mmc: add new au6601 driver.eml

[PATCH] mmc: add new au6601 driver

Bug #1311297: [ASUS Eeepc 1015PEM] Screen brightness cannot be adjusted Low Confirmed 115 weeks

From: Jason Conti
Link: backport-i915-asle-backlight-connectors.patch


Bug #1311192: [HP Pavilion p6352fr] Scrolling is jerky after suspend/resume Low Triaged 116 weeks

From: Jean-Marc
Link: grub


Bug #1317545: AppArmor: general protection fault: 0000 [#1] SMP Undecided Confirmed 116 weeks

From: Alban Crequy
Link: 0001-parser-fix-binary-load-of-multiple-profiles-in-a-sin.patch

[PATCH] parser: fix binary load of multiple profiles in a single file

Bug #1066435: powerpc: "Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!" High Fix Committed 116 weeks

From: Adam Smith
Link: patch-snd-v2.txt

Patch sent to the PowerPC kernel mailing list

Bug #1308537: [usb_wwan] unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference Medium Triaged 118 weeks

From: Luis Henriques
Link: 0001-USB-usb_wwan-fix-a-NULL-pointer-dereference.patch


Bug #1283589: [Samsung NP530U3C-A01] LID close, AC, and battery status events not produced anymore Medium Triaged 126 weeks

From: juanmanuel
Link: BETTER_ec_kernel_patch.patch


Bug #1265544: 8086:0a16 [UX302LG] black screen on boot 3.12.0-7 Medium Triaged 128 weeks
Bug #1166442: Elantech clickpad/touchpad lacks multitouch features. Medium Confirmed 133 weeks

From: kendatsuba
Link: 0001-Input-elantech-fix-for-new-IC-body-versions-v9-and-v.patch


Bug #967399: [11.10] Elantech trackpoint does not work Lenovo High In Progress 140 weeks

From: Faule Socke
Link: elantechfull.patch


Bug #1252242: CONFIG_RTC_DRV_PL031=m stops the kernel from setting the system time from the RTC automatically, which userspace expects Medium Confirmed 140 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-Config-armhf-RTC_DRV_PL031-y.patch


Bug #1248504: [saucy] [armhf] [calxeda] add mac address learning capabilities Medium Confirmed 141 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-SAUCE-net-calxedaxgmac-add-mac-address-learni.patch


Bug #1237296: 168c:0036 [Acer Aspire E1-572] ath9k QCA9565/AR9565/QCWB335 Bluetooth works sporadic Medium Triaged 142 weeks

From: Joshua
Link: 7def68012f470495d1aaad9bd51fcd87c6111645.patch

Bug #1247154: ACPI battery: non-void init function not returning a value Medium Fix Committed 143 weeks

From: Luis Henriques
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-SAUCE-ACPI-battery-fix-compiler-warning.patch

UBUNTU: SAUCE: ACPI battery: fix compiler warning

Bug #1240038: imx6: sata fixes Medium Fix Committed 145 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0002-UBUNTU-Config-AHCI_IMX-y.patch


Bug #1237982: VIRTIO_CONSOLE=y on armhf Undecided Fix Committed 146 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-Config-VIRTIO_CONSOLE-y.patch


Bug #1235277: armhf: virtio_mmio support Undecided In Progress 147 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-Config-arm-VIRTIO_-BLK-NET-MMIO-y.patch


Bug #1220007: 0bda:8178 RTL8192CU continually reconnecting Medium Triaged 148 weeks

From: Timothy G. Rundle
Link: master_patch_09_24.txt


Bug #902557: 10ec:8176 [Lenovo ThinkPad X120e] Wireless not working in 12.04 for rtl8192ce (RTL8188CE) Medium Confirmed 148 weeks

From: Larry Finger
Link: master_patch_rtlwifi

Patch to improve RX and TX gain control

Bug #882147: overlayfs does not implement inotify interfaces correctly High Triaged 151 weeks

From: Li Jianguo
Link: overlayfs_inotify.patch


Bug #1176577: [HP Compaq dc7700 Small Form Factor PC] mei unexpected reset in kernel 3.8 Medium Incomplete 154 weeks

From: Jan-Marek Glogowski
Link: mei-bp-from-commit-dab9bf41b23.diff

Backport patch for the mei driver from kernel v3.11-rc5+ to v3.8.

Bug #1169376: 8086:0166 [Dell XPS 13 L322X] backlight stopped working after update 3.8.0-18.28 Undecided Incomplete 158 weeks

From: Mikhail Vorozhtsov
Link: dell-xps13-fhd-backlight-fix.patch

The patch for the FHD version from the kernel bugzilla, rebased on top of 3.8.0-26.38

Bug #1193809: SATA Multiplier Timeout instead of automatic spin-up severly prolongs boot Medium Triaged 161 weeks

From: Rene Schickbauer
Link: libata-pmp-fasterboot.patch

Disable soft reset

Bug #1176977: XFS instability on armhf under load Medium Confirmed 165 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0003-xfs-don-t-use-speculative-prealloc-for-small-files.patch


Bug #1048258: Cypress trackpad gets psmouse lost sync / driver resynced warnings Medium Triaged 165 weeks

From: Owen Williams
Link: cypress.diff

return 0 instead of invalid value when palm is detected

Bug #1094800: [Toshiba Protege Z930-12T PT235E-02Q04KEP] fails to resume after second suspend on kernel >=3.4 Medium Incomplete 166 weeks

From: Michael Marineau
Link: 0001-Add-option-to-favor-legacy-sleep-code-over-ACPI-v5.patch


Bug #606238: synaptic touchpad not recognized on dell latitude e6510 Low Incomplete 167 weeks

From: Chris Diamand
Link: 0001-Enable-Dolphin-V2-touchpad-support.patch


Bug #1178747: vgaswitcheroo on the Macbook Pro 8,2 high-res Medium Triaged 168 weeks

From: Sebastian Rühl
Link: intel_high_res_patch_mbp8_2_glare.patch


Bug #1171582: [highbank] hvc0 getty causes random hangs High In Progress 170 weeks

From: dann frazier
Link: finish-install-workaround.patch

workaround for this issue in finish-install .udeb

Bug #1166956: [highbank] Oops: PC is at pl330_irq_handler+0x21c/0x3b0 [pl330] High Confirmed 171 weeks

From: Paolo Pisati
Link: 0001-UBUNTU-Config-disable-PL330_DMA.patch


Bug #1098216: Regression in brightness control on Lenovo Thinkpad X230 (+tablet) and X1 Carbon Medium Triaged 173 weeks

From: Nathaniel Roach
Link: linux3.7.xup_thinkpad_brightness.patch

Patch for THINKPAD EDGE E330

Bug #1156077: Black screen when booting after a fresh install on chromebook High Triaged 175 weeks

From: Chris Wilson
Link: 0001-vesa-Prevent-loading-if-we-conflict-with-a-previousl.patch

Prevent loading of vesa if i915.ko is already loaded.

Bug #1153302: [g33] Non-locking GPU lockup EIR: 0x00000010 PGTBL_ER: 0x00000002 IPEHR: 0x54f00006 Medium Confirmed 176 weeks

From: Chris Wilson
Link: 0001-drm-i915-Flush-outstanding-memory-accesses-upon-fenc.patch


Bug #1140581: Brightness system settings do not work on Asus Eee PC X101CH Medium Confirmed 177 weeks

From: Nir Soffer
Link: gsd-backlight-helper.patch

Experimental fix for system setting brightness panel on Asus X101CH

Bug #706063: Nvidia GT240 screen corruption after boot High Incomplete 178 weeks

From: Cybjit
Link: drm-nouveau-nva3-noaccel-3.8.patch

Patch updated for kernel 3.8

Bug #1119845: [Lenovo Zhaoyang E47] synchronize LED state for ideapads when wireless is off Undecided Confirmed 181 weeks

From: James M. Leddy
Link: ideapad-laptop_0.1-1ubuntu1~foshan1_0.1-1ubuntu1~foshan2.diff.gz


Bug #1102179: 0bda:819a RTL8188CUS WLAN doesn't work out of the box Medium Triaged 181 weeks

From: Thomas
Link: 0001-rtlwifi-rtl8192cu-Add-new-USB-ID.patch


Bug #1069707: [SONY VAIO VPCS12L9E] Suspend doesn't work after dist-upgrade to Quantal 12.10 Medium Incomplete 182 weeks

From: Salvatore Cristofaro
Link: 0001-ACPI-sony-laptop-do-proper-memcpy-for-ACPI_TYPE_INTE.patch


Bug #1105251: Fix cross- linux-tools build Medium In Progress 183 weeks

From: Wookey
Link: linux-3.8.0-1.5-toolscrossfix-3.patch


Bug #922037: 10de:1057 "reduce brightness" key freezes system Medium Incomplete 191 weeks

From: Youquan Song
Link: 0001-x86-apic-set-x2apic-blacklist.patch


Bug #1065589: "initctl list" shows 11974 instances of network-interface-security after two days of uptime Medium Incomplete 198 weeks

From: Serge Hallyn
Link: 0001-dev_change_net_namespace-send-a-KOBJ_REMOVED-to-orig.patch


Bug #1064086: Cypress trackpad: Occasional taps leak through as clicks even with tap-to-click disabled. Medium Fix Committed 198 weeks

From: Kyle Fazzari
Link: fix-taps-turning-into-clicks.patch

Fixed by making sure that the "tap" bit in the header is handled even if the trackpad reports the number of fingers in contact to be zero.

Bug #1040526: Graphics dithered on Desktop image Medium Confirmed 198 weeks

From: ojordan
Link: postinst-patch

Yaboot-installer postinst patch

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