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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #777311: Installing In Xen Paravirtualized Guest Fails To Load xen-netfront Undecided Confirmed 149 weeks

From: Alex
Link: ubuntu-1104-xen-domu-networking.patch


Bug #792937: 06a3:ffb5 iforce kernel module doesn't recognize my joystick Medium Confirmed 150 weeks
Bug #769182: CVE-2010-4249 Undecided Incomplete 156 weeks

From: Brad Figg
Link: dapper-patch.patch


Bug #756894: mount.ocfs2: join errors when node with kernel >= 2.6.37 joins with nodes with kernels < 2.6.37 Medium Confirmed 158 weeks

From: iMac
Link: o2cb_locking_protocol_patch.txt.gz

Patch submitted by oracle to upstream 2.6.39

Bug #751901: mayflash super joy box 5 pro can only use 1 gamepad Medium Triaged 159 weeks

From: Carlos Ramos
Link: superjoy_box_5.patch


Bug #736171: 168c:002a ath: Failed to stop TX DMA in 100 msec after killing last frame Medium Incomplete 161 weeks
Bug #621265: Slow Wireless Connection in Intel 3945abg Medium Incomplete 169 weeks

From: Radosław Piliszek
Link: 0002-iwl3945-remove-check_plcp_health.patch

The patch copied from Redhat's bugzilla. (0002-iwl3945-remove-check_plcp_health)

Bug #644898: required kernel toshiba support not enabled Undecided Confirmed 171 weeks

From: Nikita Tsukanov
Link: toshiba_acpi.patch

New patch

Bug #153727: Ethernet device's MAC address changes (causing its device number to increase by one each time) Medium Incomplete 188 weeks

From: Jack Wasey
Link: forcedeth.tar.bz2


Bug #502433: Lucid: b43 fatal DMA error on Dell Mini 9 Medium Incomplete 216 weeks

From: Jeff Craig
Link: kernel-b43.diff

Patch applying Patchwork patch to Ubuntu-Kernel

Bug #414560: 168c:002a ath9k disassociates/reassociates a lot High Incomplete 230 weeks

From: Didier Roche
Link: 75_ath9k-1005ha-reload


Bug #263944: Booting OS from SD card reader(through SDIO interface) Undecided Confirmed 294 weeks

From: Bruce Chang
Link: my-grub-install.zip


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