Comment 12 for bug 99432

No - research shows that the chip inbuilt WPA and WEP crypt/decrypt are
not supported in the general driver scheme they have introduced for the
APIs. In any case, the inbuilt crypt/decrypt are limited to WEP and
WPA, whereas the standard API allows for wpa_supplicant (WEP,WPA and
WPA2, and other soon to be introduced), which the inbuilt drivers don't.

It is a pain in the ass, because I have used the bonding module to bond
the standard wired interface and the wireless interface, to give a
uniform IP address and MAC address no matter whether I am on the wired
or wireless connection. This is important for mysql servers, files
servers and mounting remote file systems from my laptop, as the network
would failover without hiccup from wired to wireless. (and back again)

Now, I have problems when I change from wired to wireless, I have to
stop my servers, unmount all remote file systems, shut down applications
for remote file systems such as mythtv, (not in that order), change to
wireless, then start them up again.

It appears that the people running the bug list don't understand what is
going on - it is clear from their roadmap that they are standardising
the driver APIs so that applications such as wpa_supplicant can be
used. This precludes the use of the inbuilt routines.

I have (in the past) blacklisted the normal module for the wireless,
recompiled the old module (from serialmonkey web site), and kept on
going, but it was becoming a pain with every module or kernel update.

If you need further instruction on the previous (outdated) version of
the driver, let me know, and I can point you in the right direction. I
am hoping that soon they will fix the problems with wpa_supplicant so
that I can go back to bonded interfaces and have it work
"out-of-the-box", and be immune from problems with kernel/module updates.

I have explained the situation via the bug reports and other emails
until I am blue in the face (and fingers), but the recipients don't seem
to understand the problem I face. (just like talking to a help desk
"please power off then power on to see if that fixes the problem...But
my computer is on fire!!! etc.etc.etc....."

I will probably let them close this bug due to apathy on my part and
reluctance to help on their part - c'est la vie.

Hope this helps.

Brian J. Murrell wrote:
> @Scott Barker:
> I have the _exact_ same problem on the same wireless chipset as well as
> on another machine with ipw2200. Both intel chipsets FWIW. Did you
> ever resolve this issue?