Comment 8 for bug 917135

Mathieu Simon (mathieu-simon) wrote :

I'm afraid to tell that the mainline branch of Linux 3.2 has only the hv_vmbus and hv_utils moved out of staging. Only with 3.3 the biggest chunk of the Hyper-V drivers have left staging - except storvsc.

Although I see that most patches from 3.3 apply properly without problems (kinda' backporting) there are big chunks of bugfixes (possible memory leaks for hv_vmbus, kernel oops, hid-hyperv) and features (promiscuous mode and jumbo frame support) that are missing in mainline 3.2.x but present in 3.3.

How do you plan to handle this. - The 3.2 series have proven to be already quite stable but some fixes from upstream still show the drivers for network and storage have rough edges. - We don't need the quality of the HV modules as they were in 10.04 LTS (quite unstable)