Comment 26 for bug 898274

Now the bluetooth is working and I will explain you what I did.
In fact, I think it is not a bluetooth's problem only.
After the sleep mode, the usb port where the bluetooth adapter was connect didn't work anymore.
I tried to connect other things such as HD, mouse and pendrive in this port. All of them didn't work, but they were with energy.
It seems only that USB port was blocked/disabled.
I connected the bluetooth adapter in other usb ports and it was OK. This means this adapter's hardware is OK.
Then, I rebooted and the problem was still there.
I turned off the computer, took out everything and started ubuntu and It didn't work also.
I rebooted and checked my bios, but there is no option to enable/disable usb.
I rebooted again.
I entered in bios once more and I left my notebook on batterie only up to the "forced" shutdown.
After this, the note was total without energy.
I reconnected the energy cable and started windows.
Everything was working connected in that usb port (hd, mouse, pendrive, etc).
I rebooted and started ubuntu.
Now It is ok.

Next days I will try to reproduce this problem.
I would like to know wich kind information I should collect/or the commands I should run.
Here follows the result from lsusb command that Vadim #24 asked after bluetooth working.