Oneiric update to 3.0.9 stable release

Bug #890952 reported by Tim Gardner on 2011-11-16
This bug affects 3 people
Affects Status Importance Assigned to Milestone
linux (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

    SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally
       backported form of that patch. The 3.0.9 upstream stable
       patch set is now available. It should be included in the Ubuntu
       kernel as well.



       The following patches are in the 3.0.9 stable release:
CIFS: Fix incorrect max RFC1002 write size value
CIFS: Fix DFS handling in cifs_get_file_info
cris: fix a build error in drivers/tty/serial/crisv10.c
TTY: drop driver reference in tty_open fail path
TTY: make tty_add_file non-failing
TTY: pty, release tty in all ptmx_open fail paths
USB: for usb_autopm_get_interface_async -EINPROGRESS is not an error
staging: serqt_usb2: remove ssu100 from supported devices
staging: quatech_usb2: Potential lost wakeup scenario in TIOCMIWAIT
Staging: hv: Add support for >2 TB LUN in storage driver.
USB: qcserial: Add support for Sierra Wireless MC8355/Gobi 3000
USB: qcserial: add device ID for "HP un2430 Mobile Broadband Module"
serial: pxa: work around for errata #20
serial-core: power up uart port early before we do set_termios when resuming
EHCI : introduce a common ehci_setup
USB: fix ehci alignment error
EHCI: workaround for MosChip controller bug
xhci-mem.c: Check for ring->first_seg != NULL
drm/i915: Wrap DP EDID fetch functions to enable eDP panel power
drm/i915/panel: Always record the backlight level again (but cleverly)
drm/radeon/kms: bail early in dvi_detect for digital only connectors
drm/radeon/kms: handle !force case in connector detect more gracefully
drm/radeon/kms: Fix I2C mask definitions
mmc: core: Fix hangs related to insert/remove of cards
mmc: core: ext_csd.raw_* used in comparison but never set
PCI quirk: mmc: Always check for lower base frequency quirk for Ricoh 1180:e823
megaraid_sas: Fix instance access in megasas_reset_timer
ipr: Always initiate hard reset in kdump kernel
libsas: set sas_address and device type of rphy
isci: fix support for large smp requests
isci: fix missed unlock in apc_agent_timeout()
ALSA: hda - Remove bad code for IDT 92HD83 family patch

ALSA: HDA: Add new revision for ALC662
target: Fix REPORT TARGET PORT GROUPS handling with small allocation length
x86: uv2: Workaround for UV2 Hub bug (system global address format)
x86: Fix compilation bug in kprobes' twobyte_is_boostable
epoll: fix spurious lockdep warnings
leds: save the delay values after a successful call to blink_set()
leds: turn the blink_timer off before starting to blink
usbmon vs. tcpdump: fix dropped packet count
USB: storage: Use normalized sense when emulating autosense
USB: Fix runtime wakeup on OHCI
USB: g_printer: fix bug in unregistration
USB: pid_ns: ensure pid is not freed during kill_pid_info_as_uid
usb: cdc-acm: Owen SI-30 support
USB: add RESET_RESUME for webcams shown to be quirky
USB: add quirk for Logitech C300 web cam
USB: pl2303: add id for SMART device
USB: ftdi_sio: add PID for Sony Ericsson Urban
USB: ftdi_sio: Support TI/Luminary Micro Stellaris BD-ICDI Board
USB: option: convert interface blacklisting to bitfields
USB: option: convert Huawei K3765, K4505, K4605 reservered interface to blacklist
USB: option: add ZTE product 0x0037 to sendsetup blacklist
USB: option: add various ZTE device network interfaces to the blacklist
MAINTANERS: update Qualcomm Atheros addresses
ath9k_hw: Fix descriptor status of TxOpExceeded
ath9k_hw: Fix magnitude/phase coeff correction
ath9k_htc: add AVM FRITZ!WLAN 11N v2 support
ath9k_hw: Fix number of GPIO pins for AR9287/9300
ath9k: disable unnecessary PHY error reporting
HID: ACRUX - fix enabling force feedback support
QE/FHCI: fixed the CONTROL bug
Update email address for stable patch submission
xen-pcifront: Update warning comment to use 'e820_host' option.
xen-swiotlb: Fix wrong panic.
kobj_uevent: Ignore if some listeners cannot handle message
caif: Fix BUG() with network namespaces
platform: samsung_laptop: add dmi information for Samsung R700 laptops
Platform: samsung_laptop: add support for X520 machines.
Platform: samsung_laptop: samsung backlight for R528/R728
platform: samsung_laptop: fix samsung brightness min/max calculations
Platform: Fix error path in samsung-laptop init
kmod: prevent kmod_loop_msg overflow in __request_module()
Revert "NFS: Ensure that writeback_single_inode() calls write_inode() when syncing"
nfs: don't redirty inode when ncommit == 0 in nfs_commit_unstable_pages
rtnetlink: Add missing manual netlink notification in dev_change_net_namespaces
dp83640: free packet queues on remove
mac80211: fix offchannel TX cookie matching
net: hold sock reference while processing tx timestamps
wl12xx: fix forced passive scans
time: Change jiffies_to_clock_t() argument type to unsigned long
apic, i386/bigsmp: Fix false warnings regarding logical APIC ID mismatches
md/raid5: fix bug that could result in reads from a failed device.
perf probe: Fix to show correct error string
tracing: Fix returning of duplicate data after EOF in trace_pipe_raw
genirq: Add IRQF_RESUME_EARLY and resume such IRQs earlier
nfs: don't try to migrate pages with active requests
nfsd4: Remove check for a 32-bit cookie in nfsd4_readdir()
nfsd4: stop using nfserr_resource for transitory errors
nfsd4: fix seqid_mutating_error
nfsd4: permit read opens of executable-only files
nfsd4: fix open downgrade, again
nfsd4: ignore WANT bits in open downgrade
hppfs: missing include
vfs: add "device" tag to /proc/self/mountstats
io-mapping: ensure io_mapping_map_atomic _is_ atomic
ASoC: wm8940: Properly set codec->dapm.bias_level
ASoC: wm8741: Fix setting interface format for DSP modes
ASoC: ak4642: fixup cache register table
ASoC: ak4535: fixup cache register table
ASoC: wm8994: Use SND_SOC_DAPM_AIF_OUT for AIF3 Capture
ASoC: Remove direct register cache accesses from WM8962 driver
ASoC: Fix a bug in WM8962 DSP_A and DSP_B settings
KVM: s390: check cpu_id prior to using it
user per registers vs. ptrace single stepping
memory leak with RCU_TABLE_FREE
ccwgroup: move attributes to attribute group
WMI: properly cleanup devices to avoid crashes
iommu/amd: Fix wrong shift direction
carminefb: Fix module parameters permissions
fb: avoid possible deadlock caused by fb_set_suspend
fb: sh-mobile: Fix deadlock risk between lock_fb_info() and console_lock()
viafb: use display information in info not in var for panning
viafb: improve pitch handling
DiBcom: protect the I2C bufer access
dib0700: protect the dib0700 buffer access
tuner_xc2028: Allow selection of the frequency adjustment code for XC3028
/proc/self/numa_maps: restore "huge" tag for hugetlb vmas
plat-mxc: iomux-v3.h: implicitly enable pull-up/down when that's desired
ARM: mach-ux500: unlock I&D l2x0 caches before init
mm: avoid null pointer access in vm_struct via /proc/vmallocinfo
ALSA: hda - Fix ADC input-amp handling for Cx20549 codec
um: fix ubd cow size
readlinkat: ensure we return ENOENT for the empty pathname for normal lookups
VFS: Fix automount for negative autofs dentries
vfs: automount should ignore LOOKUP_FOLLOW
VFS: Fix the remaining automounter semantics regressions
vfs pathname lookup: Add LOOKUP_AUTOMOUNT flag
ptrace: don't clear GROUP_STOP_SIGMASK on double-stop
jsm: remove buggy write queue
bonding: use local function pointer of bond->recv_probe in bond_handle_frame
bridge: fix hang on removal of bridge via netlink
can bcm: fix tx_setup off-by-one errors
ipv4: fix ipsec forward performance regression
l2tp: fix a potential skb leak in l2tp_xmit_skb()
macvlan/macvtap: Fix unicast between macvtap interfaces in bridge mode
netconsole: enable netconsole can make net_device refcnt incorrent
tcp: properly handle md5sig_pool references
tcp: properly update lost_cnt_hint during shifting
tg3: negate USE_PHYLIB flag check
ipv6: nullify ipv6_ac_list and ipv6_fl_list when creating new socket
make PACKET_STATISTICS getsockopt report consistently between ring and non-ring
net: xen-netback: correctly restart Tx after a VM restore/migrate
mm: thp: tail page refcounting fix
binfmt_elf: fix PIE execution with randomization disabled
vfs: show O_CLOEXE bit properly in /proc/<pid>/fdinfo/<fd> files
iwlagn: do not use interruptible waits
drivers/net/rionet.c: fix ethernet address macros for LE platforms
hwspinlock/core: use a mutex to protect the radix tree
drivers/power/ds2780_battery.c: create central point for calling w1 interface
drivers/power/ds2780_battery.c: add a nolock function to w1 interface
drivers/power/ds2780_battery.c: fix deadlock upon insertion and removal
ext2,ext3,ext4: don't inherit APPEND_FL or IMMUTABLE_FL for new inodes
ext4: ext4_rename should dirty dir_bh with the correct directory
ext4: ext4_mkdir should dirty dir_block with newly created directory inode
ext4: call ext4_handle_dirty_metadata with correct inode in ext4_dx_add_entry
ext4: fix race in xattr block allocation path
enic: Bug Fix: Fix hardware transmit queue indexing in enic_poll_controller
rtl8150: rtl8150_disconnect(...) does not need tasklet_disable(...)
USB: EHCI: Fix test mode sequence
usb/isp1760: Added missing call to usb_hcd_check_unlink_urb() during unlink
USB: Serial: Add device ID for Sierra Wireless MC8305
USB: Serial: Add PID(0xF7C0) to FTDI SIO driver for a zeitcontrol-device
usbnet/cdc_ncm: Don't use stack variables for DMA
USB: Avoid NULL pointer deref in usb_hcd_alloc_bandwidth.
ipheth: iPhone 4 Verizon CDMA USB Product ID add
USB: xHCI: prevent infinite loop when processing MSE event
ASIX: Simplify condition in rx_fixup()
ASIX: Use only 11 bits of header for data size
Bluetooth: Add MacBookAir4,1 support
Bluetooth: Add Toshiba laptops AR30XX device ID
Bluetooth: Add Atheros AR3012 one PID/VID supported
Bluetooth: add support for 2011 mac mini
btusb: add device entry for Broadcom SoftSailing
xhci: If no endpoints changed, don't issue BW command.
xHCI: test and clear RWC bit
xHCI: Clear PLC for USB2 root hub ports
can bcm: fix incomplete tx_setup fix
powerpc: remove superfluous PageTail checks on the pte gup_fast
powerpc: get_hugepte() don't put_page() the wrong page
powerpc: gup_hugepte() avoid freeing the head page too many times
powerpc: gup_hugepte() support THP based tail recounting
powerpc: gup_huge_pmd() return 0 if pte changes
s390: gup_huge_pmd() support THP tail recounting
s390: gup_huge_pmd() return 0 if pte changes
thp: share get_huge_page_tail()
bridge: leave carrier on for empty bridge
net: Unlock sock before calling sk_free()
ALSA: ua101: fix crash when unplugging
ALSA: hda - Disable power-widget control for IDT 92HD83/93 as default
ALSA: hda - Add support for 92HD65 / 92HD66 family of codecs
ALSA: hda/realtek - Skip invalid digital out pins
drm/radeon: avoid bouncing connector status btw disconnected & unknown
drm/radeon/kms: split MSI check into a separate function
drm/radeon/kms: Add MSI quirk for HP RS690
drm/radeon: set hpd polarity at init time so hotplug detect works
drm/radeon/kms: properly set panel mode for eDP
drm/radeon/kms: Add MSI quirk for Dell RS690
drm/radeon/kms: add MSI module parameter
drm/radeon/kms: set HPD polarity in hpd_init()
kbuild: Fix help text not displayed in choice option.
PM / Runtime: Automatically retry failed autosuspends
USB: Update last_busy time after autosuspend fails
cciss: add small delay when using PCI Power Management to reset for kump
hwmon: (coretemp) Fix for non-SMP builds
hwmon: (w83627ehf) Properly report PECI and AMD-SI sensor types
hwmon: (w83627ehf) Fix broken driver init
tcm_loop: Add explict read buffer memset for SCF_SCSI_CONTROL_SG_IO_CDB
st: fix race in st_scsi_execute_end
scsi_dh: check queuedata pointer before proceeding further
Make scsi_free_queue() kill pending SCSI commands
Fix block queue and elevator memory leak in scsi_alloc_sdev
mpt2sas: Fix for system hang when discovery in progress
ASoC: wm8711: Fix wrong mask for setting input audio data bit length select
ASoC: Leave input audio data bit length settings untouched in wm8711_set_dai_fmt
ASoC: WM8904: Set `invert' bit for Capture Switch
ASoC: Ensure WM8962 PLL registers are reset
ASoC: Ensure the WM8962 oscillator and PLLs start up disabled
NFS/sunrpc: don't use a credential with extra groups.
block: make gendisk hold a reference to its queue
xen/blkback: Report VBD_WSECT (wr_sect) properly.
VFS: fix statfs() automounter semantics regression
hpsa: add small delay when using PCI Power Management to reset for kump
VFS: we need to set LOOKUP_JUMPED on mountpoint crossing
powerpc/numa: Remove double of_node_put in hot_add_node_scn_to_nid
powerpc: Fix oops when echoing bad values to /sys/devices/system/memory/probe
powerpc/pseries: Avoid spurious error during hotplug CPU add
powerpc/eeh: Fix /proc/ppc64/eeh creation
powerpc: Fix deadlock in icswx code
ACPI atomicio: Convert width in bits to bytes in __acpi_ioremap_fast()
netlink: validate NLA_MSECS length
ath9k_hw: Update AR9485 initvals to fix system hang issue
mac80211: fix remain_off_channel regression
mac80211: config hw when going back on-channel
mac80211: disable powersave for broken APs
mtd: mtdchar: add missing initializer on raw write
mtd: provide an alias for the redboot module name
mtd: pxa3xx_nand: fix nand detection issue
mtd: pxa3xx_nand: Fix blank page ECC mismatch
ext4: remove i_mutex lock in ext4_evict_inode to fix lockdep complaining
net: Align AF-specific flowi structs to long
net: Handle different key sizes between address families in flow cache
PM / Suspend: Off by one in pm_suspend()
crypto: cryptd - Use subsys_initcall to prevent races with aesni
dp83640: use proper function to free transmit time stamping packets
ath9k_hw: Fix regression of register offset for AR9003 chips
mtd: nand_base: always initialise oob_poi before writing OOB data
HID: add support for new revision of Apple aluminum keyboard
HID: add support for HuiJia USB Gamepad connector
HID: hid-multitouch: Add LG Display Multitouch device.
HID: Add support MacbookAir 4,1 keyboard
HID: Add device IDs for Macbook Pro 8 keyboards
HID: hid-apple: add device ID of another wireless aluminium
HID: consolidate MacbookAir 4,1 mappings
hid/apple: modern macbook airs use the standard apple function key translations
Linux 3.0.9

Tim Gardner (timg-tpi) on 2011-11-16
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Tim Gardner (timg-tpi) on 2011-11-16
description: updated
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Oneiric):
status: New → Confirmed
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (24.8 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package linux - 3.0.0-14.23

linux (3.0.0-14.23) oneiric-proposed; urgency=low

  [Herton R. Krzesinski]

  * Release Tracking Bug
    - LP: #893213

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * debian: add locking to protect debian/files from parallel update

  [ Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk ]

  * SAUCE: x86/paravirt: Partially revert "remove lazy mode in interrupts"
    - LP: #854050

  [ Leann Ogasawara ]

  * Revert "ubuntu: fsam7400 disable driver"
    - LP: #876030

  [ Seth Forshee ]

  * [Config] Enable EVENT_POWER_TRACING_DEPRECATED=y for powertop

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * Add postinit and postrm scripts to the extras package
    - LP: #882120
  * [Config] CONFIG_R6040=m
    - LP: #650899
  * [Config] CONFIG_MEMSTICK_R592=m
    - LP: #238208
  * [Config] CONFIG_HID_ACRUX_FF=y
    - LP: #890952

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Revert "NFS: Ensure that writeback_single_inode() calls write_inode()
    when syncing"
    - LP: #890952
  * sparc64: Force the execute bit in OpenFirmware's translation entries.
    - LP: #881420
  * sched/rt: Migrate equal priority tasks to available CPUs
    - LP: #881420
  * sched: Fix up wchan borkage
    - LP: #881420
  * ide-disk: Fix request requeuing
    - LP: #881420
  * posix-cpu-timers: Cure SMP wobbles
    - LP: #881420
  * lis3: fix regression of HP DriveGuard with 8bit chip
    - LP: #881420
  * ASoC: use a valid device for dev_err() in Zylonite
    - LP: #881420
  * ASoC: Fix setting update bits for WM8753_LADC and WM8753_RADC
    - LP: #881420
  * drm/radeon: Update AVIVO cursor coordinate origin before x/yorigin
    - LP: #881420
  * drm/radeon/kms: fix regression in DP aux defer handling
    - LP: #881420
  * drm/radeon/kms: add retry limits for native DP aux defer
    - LP: #881420
  * drm/radeon/kms: fix channel_remap setup (v2)
    - LP: #881420
  * ptp: fix L2 event message recognition
    - LP: #881420
  * x86/PCI: use host bridge _CRS info on ASUS M2V-MX SE
    - LP: #881420
  * qla2xxx: Fix crash in qla2x00_abort_all_cmds() on unload
    - LP: #881420
  * libsas: fix panic when single phy is disabled on a wide port
    - LP: #881420
  * md: Avoid waking up a thread after it has been freed.
    - LP: #881420
  * dm table: avoid crash if integrity profile changes
    - LP: #881420
  * mmc: mxs-mmc: fix clock rate setting
    - LP: #881420
  * exec: do not call request_module() twice from search_binary_handler()
    - LP: #881420
  * ARM: mach-ux500: enable fix for ARM errata 754322
    - LP: #881420
  * drm/radeon/kms: retry aux transactions if there are status flags
    - LP: #881420
  * drm/radeon/kms: use hardcoded dig encoder to transmitter mapping for
    - LP: #881420
  * ipv6: fix NULL dereference in udp6_ufo_fragment()
    - LP: #881420
  * ahci: Enable SB600 64bit DMA on Asus M3A
    - LP: #881420
  * MIPS: PM: Use struct syscore_ops instead of sysdevs for PM (v2)
    - LP: #881420
  * ftrace: Fix regression of :mod:module function enabling
    - LP: #881420
  * ftrace: Fix regression where ftrace breaks when modules are loaded
    - LP: #881420
  * ftrace: Fix warning when CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER is not defined
    - LP: #881420
  * ...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Oneiric):
status: Confirmed → Fix Released
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Fix Released
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