Comment 80 for bug 863051

Rafał Miłecki (zajec5) wrote :

Thanks to b3niup we have full info about the hardware now. Broadcom cards differs by PHY and radio.

In case of 14e4:4365 BCM43142:
* PHY is LCN40 (revision 3)
* RADIO is 0xA065 (revision 0)

Unfortunately there are not specs for LCN40 available, b43 doesn't support (just like brcmsmac).

I'm not sure if we can have hopes in Broadcom (brcmsmac driver [0]). They are planning to add more N-PHY support for almost two years and they still didn't release (planned) HT-PHY support. Not sure if LCN40 is on their internal TODO at all.

I also don't think anyone is working on specs [1] right now and I won't be able to add support for LCN40 without them.