Comment 48 for bug 855124

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Give up on DDC detection when i2c tells us

Ok, so we got mixed results with the previous patches, and after some investigation I finally found out why they don't work.

What happens with some of the hot-pluggable connectors is that while they are not ready, the bits stay "stuck" (and the patches were detecting that correctly). As soon as they are, they are no longer stuck - but it is too late now, because previous patches already marked them as ignored.

So by checking all the events I am getting, I can consistently detect whether the connection is not there earlier - it is being indicated by the -ENXIO error code being returned by the i2c_transfer call. In this case, I modified drm_do_probe_ddc_edid to return earlier and avoid having try repeatable to talk over those pins.

With this patch, each time a display detection is being performed (for example, by running xrandr), the kernel should list the pins that are being ignored into the dmesg output, so please attach it with the testing results.