Comment 8 for bug 773524

David Duffey (dduffey) wrote :

Some more information:

We found the following information "check the class code of SD controller on Tecra R850. If the class code is not "0x05", SDHCI driver is not installed. because the class code must be 0x05 for SDHCI. The class code is the offset address 0x0A in Configuration register of Ricoh SD host controller, DID 0xE823."

We then ran the following:

"ubuntu@201103-7412:~$ lspci
... lots of irrelevant devices ...
01:00.0 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd Device e823 (rev 04)
01:00.1 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd Device e232 (rev 04)
01:00.2 System peripheral: Ricoh Co Ltd Device e852 (rev 07)
... irrelevant devices ...

so I want to query device 01:00.0.

ubuntu@201103-7412:~$ setpci -vD -s 01:00.0 0x0A.w
0000:01:00.0 @0a = 0880

It looks to me like it's *not* 0x05 as it should be..."

When looking at the ubuntu git tree, it appears that it should already "work"
 * sdhci-pci.c has already included Ricoh R5U220, 0xE823 device ID, so the driver would be installed on Tecra R850.
 * And sdhci.c and sdhci.h has included "Base clock frequency change in spec3.0".

In summary, I will see if we are looking at the correct value in the configuration editor.