Comment 12 for bug 754711

Daniel Manrique (roadmr) wrote :

OK, so I reinstalled the 32-bit kernel, however I'm unable to go to a vt to see if it gives a panic message while suspending, when I press say ctrl+alt+f1 the graphical cursor disappears but the rest of the desktop stays visible, looks like the display didn't get reset to text mode, so I can't see what I'm typing (and certainly no debugging messages). if I press alt+f7 I "go back" to graphical mode, the cursor reappears and the screen is responsive again.

The only way I found to get to a console was to use xforcevesa nomodeset, though of course that probably changes things in other ways (like not using the nouveau driver). The system enters suspend and of course, upon resuming, the screen is blank (with no backlight). However other than that, the system appears to have recovered, as I was able to ssh in and recover a dmesg file I'm attaching.

meminfo says the following about vmalloc:
VmallocTotal: 122880 kB
VmallocUsed: 22356 kB
VmallocChunk: 93500 kB

The top entries in vmalloc (sorted by size) are:

0xf84e5000-0xf8508000 143360 kvmalloc+0x3f/0x50 pages=34 vmalloc
0xf85d6000-0xf85f9000 143360 kvmalloc+0x3f/0x50 pages=34 vmalloc
0xf82ec000-0xf8314000 163840 module_alloc_update_bounds+0x19/0x70 pages=39 vmalloc
0xf84a9000-0xf84d6000 184320 module_alloc_update_bounds+0x19/0x70 pages=44 vmalloc
0xf842a000-0xf846a000 262144 module_alloc_update_bounds+0x19/0x70 pages=63 vmalloc
0xf83d6000-0xf8420000 303104 module_alloc_update_bounds+0x19/0x70 pages=73 vmalloc
0xf85fa000-0xf8693000 626688 module_alloc_update_bounds+0x19/0x70 pages=152 vmalloc
0xf8201000-0xf82b2000 724992 sys_swapon+0x428/0x8a0 pages=176 vmalloc
0xf9380000-0xf94b1000 1249280 0xf80361a9 phys=cd000000 ioremap
0xff000000-0xff400000 4194304 pcpu_get_vm_areas+0x0/0x4c0 vmalloc
0xf8711000-0xf8b12000 4198400 snd_malloc_sgbuf_pages+0x1a5/0x202 [snd_page_alloc] vmap
0xf8b13000-0xf8f14000 4198400 snd_malloc_sgbuf_pages+0x1a5/0x202 [snd_page_alloc] vmap
0xf8f15000-0xf9316000 4198400 snd_malloc_sgbuf_pages+0x1a5/0x202 [snd_page_alloc] vmap