Comment 11 for bug 754711

Seth Forshee (sforshee) wrote :

Ah, you're using a 64-bit kernel now.

Some of the biggest vmalloc areas are coming from nouveau.

0xffffc90002480000-0xffffc90002c81000 8392704 nouveau_load+0xa7/0x550 [nouveau] phys=ae000000 ioremap
0xffffc90002d00000-0xffffc90004d01000 33558528 nouveau_load+0x2f1/0x550 [nouveau] phys=ac000000 ioremap
0xffffc90006100000-0xffffc90006901000 8392704 nouveau_load+0xa7/0x550 [nouveau] phys=aa000000 ioremap
0xffffc90006980000-0xffffc90008981000 33558528 nouveau_load+0x2f1/0x550 [nouveau] phys=cc000000 ioremap

That's over 80 MB from nouveau (and I omitted several others of a couple of pages each). Some other areas are using sizable amounts as well, the most notable of which is audio. meminfo shows the amount of vmalloc used as 138284 kB, and if it's anywhere near that on a 32-bit install it's not hard to see why it might start having problems.