Comment 2 for bug 731878

Hi Florian

The 'restart' and 'force-reload' commands both stop and start the amavis daemon which would explain why you have seen similar behaviour from both commands.

I suspect that this is caused by the port not being fully released before the new instance of the daemon tries to bind to the port - this condition would result in this type of message.

Symptomatically I could reproduce this issue by stopping amavis, using netcat to listen on port 10024 and then starting amavis.

Unfortunately that does not tell us what is causing this issue.

Perhaps you could capture the number of open connections to amavis prior to restarting or force reloading to see if we can spot a pattern:

   sudo netstat -a | grep 10024

It would also be helpful to know which version of Ubuntu and Amavis you are using - you can do this automatically using apport:

   apport-collect 731878