Comment 1 for bug 721896

User Unknown (user-unknown) wrote :

Oh, thank Dog, I'm not the only one with this issue.

I had explained that issue at length in the Ubuntu forums, but never got any reply:

I, too, noticed this behavior ever since mid-January, I think. for the first weeks, whenever this issue occurred, my machine was barely usable anymore. With (one of?) the recent kernel upgrade, it got a lot better for me: The issue still occurs, but it mostly takes only between 20% and 25% of I/O Wait, so the system is only a little slower than usual. After a while, I think, most of the time after anything between half an hour and two hours, kswapd0 is done with whatever it's doing and the system is back to normal. A solution to speed things up for me is to run 'sudo swapoff -a'. In most cases, the system will be fully usable after a few minutes, as soon as all swap was shoveled back into the physical memory (see forum post, as well).

I'm on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS, desktop edition -- with some packages from UbuntuStudio and Linux Mint (PinGUY OS), in case that matters.