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Bug #690730 reported by Brad Figg
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linux (Ubuntu)
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Bug Description

 SRU Justification


 The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream by originating either directly from Linus' tree or in a minimally backported form of that patch.

 The upstream stable patch set is now available. It should be
 included in the Ubuntu kernel as well.

 The following patches are in the stable release:

 * block: Ensure physical block size is unsigned int
 * block: Fix race during disk initialization
 * block: limit vec count in bio_kmalloc() and bio_alloc_map_data()
 * block: take care not to overflow when calculating total iov length
 * block: check for proper length of iov entries in blk_rq_map_user_iov()
 * drm/radeon/kms: don't disable shared encoders on pre-DCE3 display blocks
 * jme: Fix PHY power-off error
 * irda: Fix parameter extraction stack overflow
 * irda: Fix heap memory corruption in iriap.c
 * cfg80211: fix BSS double-unlinking
 * cfg80211: fix locking
 * cfg80211: fix regression on processing country IEs
 * mac80211: fix channel assumption for association done work
 * mac80211: fix offchannel assumption upon association
 * mac80211: Fix signal strength average initialization for CQM events
 * mac80211: add helper for reseting the connection monitor
 * mac80211: reset connection idle when going offchannel
 * mac80211: make the beacon monitor available externally
 * mac80211: send last 3/5 probe requests as unicast
 * mac80211: disable beacon monitor while going offchannel
 * mac80211: use correct station flags lock
 * mac80211: clear txflags for ps-filtered frames
 * mac80211: reset probe send counter upon connection timer reset
 * mac80211: Fix ibss station got expired immediately
 * mac80211: don't sanitize invalid rates
 * mac80211: delete AddBA response timer
 * isdn/gigaset: fix bas_gigaset AT read error handling
 * isdn/gigaset: correct bas_gigaset rx buffer handling
 * isdn/gigaset: bas_gigaset locking fix
 * i2c-pca-platform: Change device name of request_irq
 * viafb: fix i2c_transfer error handling
 * drm/radeon/kms: register an i2c adapter name for the dp aux bus
 * ALSA: hda - Fix wrong SPDIF NID assignment for CA0110
 * ALSA: hda - Add some workarounds for Creative IBG
 * ALSA: OSS mixer emulation - fix locking
 * ALSA: HDA: Enable internal mic on Dell E6410 and Dell E6510
 * powerpc: Fix call to subpage_protection()
 * microblaze: Fix build with make 3.82
 * NFSv4: Don't call nfs4_reclaim_complete() on receiving NFS4ERR_STALE_CLIENTID
 * NFSv4: Don't call nfs4_state_mark_reclaim_reboot() from error handlers
 * NFSv4: Fix open recovery
 * NFS: Don't SIGBUS if nfs_vm_page_mkwrite races with a cache invalidation
 * drm/radeon/kms: MC vram map needs to be >= pci aperture size
 * drm/radeon/kms: properly compute group_size on 6xx/7xx
 * drm/radeon/kms: make sure blit addr masks are 64 bit
 * drm/radeon/kms: fix handling of tex lookup disable in cs checker on r2xx
 * drm/i915: Free hardware status page on unload when physically mapped
 * drm/i915: diasable clock gating for the panel power sequencer
 * drm/i915/overlay: Ensure that the reg_bo is in the GTT prior to writing.
 * pcnet_cs: add new_id
 * SH: Add missing consts to sys_execve() declaration
 * reiserfs: fix inode mutex - reiserfs lock misordering
 * reiserfs: don't acquire lock recursively in reiserfs_acl_chmod
 * staging: rt2870: Add new USB ID for Belkin F6D4050 v1
 * Staging: asus_oled: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
 * Staging: asus_oled: fix up my fixup for some sysfs attribute permissions
 * ALSA: hda: Use hp-laptop quirk to enable headphones automute for Asus A52J
 * Staging: line6: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
 * hpet: fix unwanted interrupt due to stale irq status bit
 * hpet: unmap unused I/O space
 * olpc_battery: Fix endian neutral breakage for s16 values
 * percpu: fix list_head init bug in __percpu_counter_init()
 * ipmi: proper spinlock initialization
 * um: remove PAGE_SIZE alignment in linker script causing kernel segfault.
 * um: fix global timer issue when using CONFIG_NO_HZ
 * numa: fix slab_node(MPOL_BIND)
 * hwmon: (lm85) Fix ADT7468 frequency table
 * oprofile: Fix the hang while taking the cpu offline
 * mm: fix return value of scan_lru_pages in memory unplug
 * mm, page-allocator: do not check the state of a non-existant buddy during free
 * mm: fix is_mem_section_removable() page_order BUG_ON check
 * agp/intel: Also add B43.1 to list of supported devices
 * b43: Fix warning at drivers/mmc/core/core.c:237 in mmc_wait_for_cmd
 * wireless: b43: fix error path in SDIO
 * ssb: b43-pci-bridge: Add new vendor for BCM4318
 * drivers/misc/ad525x_dpot.c: fix typo in spi write16 and write24 transfer counts
 * sgi-xpc: XPC fails to discover partitions with all nasids above 128
 * xen: ensure that all event channels start off bound to VCPU 0
 * xen: don't bother to stop other cpus on shutdown/reboot
 * ipc: initialize structure memory to zero for compat functions
 * ipc: shm: fix information leak to userland
 * net: NETIF_F_HW_CSUM does not imply FCoE CRC offload
 * drivers/char/vt_ioctl.c: fix VT_OPENQRY error value
 * viafb: use proper register for colour when doing fill ops
 * sata_via: apply magic FIFO fix to vt6420 too
 * eCryptfs: Clear LOOKUP_OPEN flag when creating lower file
 * ecryptfs: call vfs_setxattr() in ecryptfs_setxattr()
 * md/raid1: really fix recovery looping when single good device fails.
 * md: fix return value of rdev_size_change()
 * ALSA: hda: Use BIOS auto-parsing instead of existing model quirk for MEDION MD2
 * tty: prevent DOS in the flush_to_ldisc
 * TTY: restore tty_ldisc_wait_idle
 * tty_ldisc: Fix BUG() on hangup
 * TTY: ldisc, fix open flag handling
 * usbnet: fix usb_autopm_get_interface failure(v1)
 * HID: Fix for problems with eGalax/DWAV multi-touch-screen
 * gspca - sonixj: Fix a regression of sensors hv7131r and mi0360
 * hdpvr: Add missing URB_NO_TRANSFER_DMA_MAP flag
 * drivers/media/video/cx23885/cx23885-core.c: fix cx23885_dev_checkrevision()
 * KVM: Write protect memory after slot swap
 * KVM: x86: fix information leak to userland
 * KVM: Correct ordering of ldt reload wrt fs/gs reload
 * ASoC: Remove volatility from WM8900 POWER1 register
 * ASoC: wm8961 - clear WM8961_DACSLOPE bit for normal mode
 * ASoC: wm8961 - clear WM8961_MCLKDIV bit for freq <= 16500000
 * firewire: ohci: fix buffer overflow in AR split packet handling
 * firewire: ohci: fix race in AR split packet handling
 * ALSA: hda - Fixed ALC887-VD initial error
 * ALSA: ac97: Apply quirk for Dell Latitude D610 binding Master and Headphone controls
 * ALSA: HDA: Add fixup pins for Ideapad Y550
 * ALSA: hda - Added fixup for Lenovo Y550P
 * ALSA: hda: Add speaker pin to automute Acer Aspire 8943G
 * ALSA: hda: Add Samsung R720 SSID for subwoofer pin fixup
 * ALSA: hda - Use ALC_INIT_DEFAULT for really default initialization
 * ALSA: hda - Fix ALC660-VD/ALC861-VD capture/playback mixers
 * ALSA: HDA: Add an extra DAC for Realtek ALC887-VD
 * ALSA: Fix SNDCTL_DSP_RESET ioctl for OSS emulation
 * ALSA: hda: Use "alienware" model quirk for another SSID
 * netfilter: nf_conntrack: allow nf_ct_alloc_hashtable() to get highmem pages
 * netfilter: NF_HOOK_COND has wrong conditional
 * radix-tree: fix RCU bug
 * latencytop: fix per task accumulator
 * mm/vfs: revalidate page->mapping in do_generic_file_read()
 * bio: take care not overflow page count when mapping/copying user data
 * drm/radeon/kms/atom: set sane defaults in atombios_get_encoder_mode()
 * drm/radeon/kms: fix typos in disabled vbios code
 * drm/radeon/kms: add workaround for dce3 ddc line vbios bug
 * drm/radeon/kms: Fix retrying ttm_bo_init() after it failed once.
 * drm/radeon/kms: fix interlaced and doublescan handling
 * exec: make argv/envp memory visible to oom-killer
 * exec: copy-and-paste the fixes into compat_do_execve() paths
 * drm/i915/sdvo: Always add a 30ms delay to make SDVO TV detection reliable
 * intel-gtt: fix gtt_total_entries detection
 * sched: fix RCU lockdep splat from task_group()
 * libata: fix NULL sdev dereference race in atapi_qc_complete()
 * PCI: fix size checks for mmap() on /proc/bus/pci files
 * PCI: fix offset check for sysfs mmapped files
 * xHCI: fix wMaxPacketSize mask
 * xhci: Fix reset-device and configure-endpoint commands
 * xhci: Setup array of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.
 * xhci: Don't let the USB core disable SuperSpeed ports.
 * USB: gadget: AT91: fix typo in atmel_usba_udc driver
 * usb: musb: fix kernel oops when loading musb_hdrc module for the 2nd time
 * USB: ftdi_sio: add device IDs for Milkymist One JTAG/serial
 * USB: option: fix when the driver is loaded incorrectly for some Huawei devices.
 * usb: misc: sisusbvga: fix information leak to userland
 * usb: misc: iowarrior: fix information leak to userland
 * usb: core: fix information leak to userland
 * Staging: rt2870: Add USB ID for Buffalo Airstation WLI-UC-GN
 * USB: EHCI: fix obscure race in ehci_endpoint_disable
 * USB: storage: sierra_ms: fix sysfs file attribute
 * USB: atm: ueagle-atm: fix up some permissions on the sysfs files
 * USB: misc: cypress_cy7c63: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
 * USB: misc: usbled: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
 * USB: misc: trancevibrator: fix up a sysfs attribute permission
 * USB: misc: usbsevseg: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
 * USB: ftdi_sio: Add ID for RT Systems USB-29B radio cable
 * USB: serial: ftdi_sio: Vardaan USB RS422/485 converter PID added
 * USB: fix autosuspend bug in usb-serial
 * e1000: fix screaming IRQ
 * ACPI battery: support percentage battery remaining capacity
 * acpi-cpufreq: fix a memleak when unloading driver
 * ACPI: debugfs custom_method open to non-root
 * PNPACPI: cope with invalid device IDs
 * saa7134: Fix autodetect for Behold A7 and H7 TV cards
 * fuse: fix attributes after open(O_TRUNC)
 * cs5535-gpio: apply CS5536 errata workaround for GPIOs
 * do_exit(): make sure that we run with get_fs() == USER_DS
 * cifs: fix another memleak, in cifs_root_iget
 * uml: disable winch irq before freeing handler data
 * backlight: grab ops_lock before testing bd->ops
 * nommu: yield CPU while disposing VM
 * x86: Ignore trap bits on single step exceptions
 * mmc: fix rmmod race for hosts using card-detection polling
 * DECnet: don't leak uninitialized stack byte
 * perf_events: Fix perf_counter_mmap() hook in mprotect()
 * ARM: 6464/2: fix spinlock recursion in adjust_pte()
 * ARM: 6489/1: thumb2: fix incorrect optimisation in usracc
 * ARM: 6482/2: Fix find_next_zero_bit and related assembly
 * leds: fix bug with reading NAS SS4200 dmi code
 * Staging: udlfb: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
 * Staging: iio: adis16220: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
 * Staging: iio: adis16220: fix up my fixup for some sysfs attribute permissions
 * Staging: samsung-laptop: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
 * Staging: samsung-laptop: fix up my fixup for some sysfs attribute permissions
 * Staging: frontier: fix up some sysfs attribute permissions
 * staging: rtl8187se: Change panic to warn when RF switch turned off
 * Staging: batman-adv: ensure that eth_type_trans gets linear memory
 * perf: Fix inherit vs. context rotation bug
 * ARM: 6456/1: Fix for building DEBUG with sa11xx_base.c as a module.
 * PM / Hibernate: Fix memory corruption related to swap
 * wmi: use memcmp instead of strncmp to compare GUIDs
 * nohz/s390: fix arch_needs_cpu() return value on offline cpus
 * genirq: Fix incorrect proc spurious output
 * net: Truncate recvfrom and sendto length to INT_MAX.
 * net: Limit socket I/O iovec total length to INT_MAX.
 * Input: i8042 - add Sony VAIO VPCZ122GX to nomux list
 * omap: dma: Fix buffering disable bit setting for omap24xx
 * OMAP3: DMA: Errata i541: sDMA FIFO draining does not finish
 * memory corruption in X.25 facilities parsing
 * net: optimize Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF) processing
 * filter: make sure filters dont read uninitialized memory
 * can-bcm: fix minor heap overflow
 * x25: Prevent crashing when parsing bad X.25 facilities
 * crypto: padlock - Fix AES-CBC handling on odd-block-sized input
 * econet: disallow NULL remote addr for sendmsg(), fixes CVE-2010-3849
 * econet: fix CVE-2010-3850
 * econet: fix CVE-2010-3848
 * rds: Integer overflow in RDS cmsg handling
 * cfg80211: fix extension channel checks to initiate communication
 * r8169: fix rx checksum offload
 * r8169: (re)init phy on resume
 * r8169: fix checksum broken
 * nmi: fix clock comparator revalidation
 * Rename 'pipe_info()' to 'get_pipe_info()'
 * Export 'get_pipe_info()' to other users
 * Un-inline get_pipe_info() helper function
 * Fix pktcdvd ioctl dev_minor range check
 * Release

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Jeremy Foshee (jeremyfoshee) wrote :

Hi Brad,

Please be sure to confirm this issue exists with the latest development release of Ubuntu. ISO CD images are available from . If the issue remains, please run the following command from a Terminal (Applications->Accessories->Terminal). It will automatically gather and attach updated debug information to this report.

apport-collect -p linux 690730

Also, if you could test the latest upstream kernel available that would be great. It will allow additional upstream developers to examine the issue. Refer to . Once you've tested the upstream kernel, please remove the 'needs-upstream-testing' tag. This can be done by clicking on the yellow pencil icon next to the tag located at the bottom of the bug description and deleting the 'needs-upstream-testing' text. Please let us know your results.

Thanks in advance.

    [This is an automated message. Apologies if it has reached you inappropriately; please just reply to this message indicating so.]

tags: added: needs-kernel-logs
tags: added: needs-upstream-testing
tags: added: kj-triage
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Incomplete
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Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote : Please test proposed package

Accepted into maverick-proposed, the package will build now and be available in a few hours. Please test and give feedback here. See for documentation how to enable and use -proposed. Thank you in advance!

tags: added: verification-needed
Brad Figg (brad-figg)
summary: - Maverick update to stable upstream
+ Maverick update to stable upstream
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (24.4 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package linux - 2.6.35-25.44

linux (2.6.35-25.44) maverick-proposed; urgency=low

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * Revert "drm/radeon/kms: properly compute group_size on 6xx/7xx"
    - LP: #703553

linux (2.6.35-25.43) maverick-proposed; urgency=low

  [ Brad Figg ]

  - LP: #697948

  [ Andy Whitcroft ]

  * [Config] add vmware-balloon driver to -virtual flavour
    - LP: #592039

  [ Manoj Iyer ]

  * SAUCE: Enable jack sense for Thinkpad Edge 13
    - LP: #685015

  [ Robert Hooker ]

  * Revert "(pre-stable): input: Support Clickpad devices in ClickZone
    - LP: #669399

  [ Stefan Bader ]

  * Set virtual flavour maximum of domain visible memory to 70G
    - LP: #667796

  [ Takashi Iwai ]

  * SAUCE: input: Support Clickpad devices in ClickZone mode
    - LP: #516329

  [ Tim Gardner ]

  * [Config] Add nfsd modules to -virtual flavour
    - LP: #688070
  * [Config] Added autofs4.ko to -virtual flavour
    - LP: #692917

  [ Upstream Kernel Changes ]

  * intel_idle: delete substates DEBUG modparam
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: delete power_policy modparam, and choose substate functions
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: add support for Westmere-EX
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: recognize Lincroft Atom Processor
    - LP: #684888
  * x86, mwait: Move mwait constants to a common header file
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: Change mode 755 => 644
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: add missing __percpu markup
    - LP: #684888
  * cpuidle: extend cpuidle and menu governor to handle dynamic states
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: Voluntary leave_mm before entering deeper
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: enable Atom C6
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: simplify test for leave_mm()
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: delete bogus data from cpuidle_state.power_usage
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: add initial Sandy Bridge support
    - LP: #684888
  * intel_idle: do not use the LAPIC timer for ATOM C2
    - LP: #684888
  * staging: usbip: Notify usb core of port status changes
    - LP: #686158
  * staging: usbip: Process event flags without delay
    - LP: #686158
  * Staging: phison: fix problem caused by libata change
    - LP: #686158
  * perf_events: Fix bogus AMD64 generic TLB events
    - LP: #686158
  * perf_events: Fix bogus context time tracking
    - LP: #686158
  * powerpc/perf: Fix sampling enable for PPC970
    - LP: #686158
  * pcmcia: synclink_cs: fix information leak to userland
    - LP: #686158
  * sched: Drop all load weight manipulation for RT tasks
    - LP: #686158
  * sched: Fix string comparison in /proc/sched_features
    - LP: #686158
  * bluetooth: Fix missing NULL check
    - LP: #686158
  * futex: Fix errors in nested key ref-counting
    - LP: #686158
  * cifs: fix broken oplock handling
    - LP: #686158
  * libahci: fix result_tf handling after an ATA PIO data-in command
    - LP: #686158
  * mm, x86: Saving vmcore with non-lazy freeing of vmas
    - LP: #686158
  * x86, cpu: Fix renamed, not-yet-shipping AMD CPUID feature bit
    - LP: #686158
  * x86, kexec: Make sure to stop all CPUs before exiting the kernel
    - LP: #686158
  * x86, olpc: Don...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Incomplete → Fix Released
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Vincent Tschanz (fogia) wrote :

Sinc the 2.6.35-25 kernel update for Ubuntu 10.10, The spdif output of my system is broken. No way to get sound through spdif.

I just looked in my history of updates, search for spdif and found this thread. Maybe my problem as nothing to do with this page, but something broke my spdif with this 2.6.35-25 update.

my soundcard :

aplay -l
**** Liste des PLAYBACK périphériques ****
carte 0: Intel [HDA Intel], périphérique 0 : ALC889 Analog [ALC889 Analog]
  Sous-périphériques: 0/1
  Sous-périphérique: #0: subdevice #0
carte 0: Intel [HDA Intel], périphérique 1 : ALC889 Digital [ALC889 Digital]
  Sous-périphériques: 1/1
  Sous-périphérique: #0: subdevice #0
carte 0: Intel [HDA Intel], périphérique 3 : INTEL HDMI 0 [INTEL HDMI 0]
  Sous-périphériques: 1/1
  Sous-périphérique: #0: subdevice #0
carte 0: Intel [HDA Intel], périphérique 7 : INTEL HDMI 1 [INTEL HDMI 1]
  Sous-périphériques: 1/1
  Sous-périphérique: #0: subdevice #0

Can I provide more informations to get my problem fixed?

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