Comment 9 for bug 666493

ppww (pete-launchpad) wrote :

Anyone have updated information on this? Sticking with the last kernel in which lirc_imon worked (2.6.32-25) until there's a stable, long-term situation, but would like to upgrade to Natty soon. Is the lirc_imon module currently shipping in Natty usable? Just checked the latest Maverick (2.6.35-30) and lirc_imon,ko is still missing the ir_protocol param. If that driver is obsolete, do you recommend spending the time reconfiguring everything to use lirc_dev instead? What is the impact on the display unit that is part of this device? The display_type parameter was also removed from lirc_imon at some point; that needed to be set to 1 for the VFD to work, otherwise it stays blank, and the log fills with errors about a protocol mismatch.