Comment 364 for bug 621265

I doubt the Nvidia driver did that. Most likely rebooting was what caused that. As it has been mentioned before sometimes it can get normal speeds for some time and then all of a sudden get really slow. Rebooting usually either makes it better or worse.

On 09/30/2011 10:03 PM, Sarim Khan wrote:
> @William Thank you.
> But i got a bad news, after solving this wifi problem, i installed the propitiatory nvidia driver.
> sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
> after installing nvidia-current the wifi doesn't connect. It remains in "connecting" state for long time then ask for WEP password again, (same password, saved before). then again "connecting". doesn't connect.
> Then i tried adding nvidia.modeset=0 nomodeset to kernel flags. It doesn't help :(
> Now if i put my laptop to suspend, then resume after sometime, the wifi
> connects then. but the speed has dropped again. Not as worst as
> previous, the speed has decreased :(
> I can't realize why it is conflicting with graphics driver :O , but #327
> also tells the same things for ati card.
> I tried re-compiling iwl3945 module (compat-wireless-2011-03-18). Didn't help.
> I'll try compat-wireless-2011-03-29 shortly, will post update then. Any other idea guys ?