Comment 347 for bug 606238


My guess is this is another mutation of the ALPS touchpad. It clearly is a new signature, which you added, which indicates new behavior: the trackstick. There have been several new significant behaviors added to the alps driver ("Rushmore" and "Dolphin").

The best I can recommend, not having this touchpad (and it's an n:m mapping between Dell system and Alps touchpad), is to add code to the driver to dump the trackstick changes and then try to reverse engineer what the movement codes actually mean. See the alps_process_packet_v1_v2 routine.

BTW, I experienced similar upheaval in the late 1980's as a customer to a company called Newbridge. Its staff was turning over so quickly that relative newbies were the sole support for some of their hardware and just hacked it up to get it to work regardless of documentation or compatibility. They released M$ drivers to support the new firmware but Unix boxes (we were a SUN shop) were left hanging. Newbridge and SUN no longer exist; I think this bodes poorly for ALPS.