Comment 178 for bug 606238

I just released a 0.3 version of the alps driver [1].

So far I have no idea how to decode the multi-touch stuff. So I hacked an odd little code frag to discard all packets that are not single touch. The problem is there's a subtle transition from single to multi-touch that LOOKS like a wild single touch packet. That's why the cursor moves so dramatically. Shouldn't be happening now.

@Richard & @medhat - I think this will stop your panics. I'm not sure what's going on but I'm pretty sure there was a crash waiting to happen. Thanks for testing and reporting. Please try again and report your progress. At the worst, it should drop to a standard ps2 mouse.

I added an script file that I actually use to build, test, run the driver. It should be self-descriptive. All functions work on my machine but use them with a grain-of-salt on yours. One function "run_tune_alps" sets up X for the touchpad speed and size. It will help for edge scrolling. But please adjust to your own preferences.