Comment 147 for bug 606238


Explode the tarball:

cd $HOME
mkdir Stage
tar -jxvf $HOME/Download/psmouse-alps-dst-0.1.tbz

This will make a $HOME/Stage/README that should explain everything. It has a couple embedded scripts to build/install the DLKM. I forgot to document the DLKM source needs to be put under /usr/src:

cd $HOME/Stage
sudo cp -Rvup usr /

BTW, you need sudo rights. Look in $HOME/Stage/README for the build_alps shell function to build/probe the driver. See man:dkms for more info.


As far as I'm aware, my psmouse DLKM will work for Dell N5110 ONLY because it has a whacky control response code. For entering command mode it expects 0x73 0x01 where all the prior ALPS touchpad models expect 0x88 0x07 so it's hardcoded in the driver.