Comment 4 for bug 599626

There has been some progress upstream with respect to GPU hangs after Lucid was released. We would like to find out if this is one of those bugs or if it is still present in the latest code. In the former case we may test patches and see if it is possible to find one or more that fixes the problem. In the latter case, we will report the problem to the intel developers.

In order to test the newer code, please add the xorg-edgers PPA [1] and the newest 2.6.35-rcX mainline kernel from [2] (see also [3]). Note that since this is very recent code it may contain other bugs. Install the package ppa-purge from xorg-edgers PPA to remove it again with the command `sudo ppa-purge -p xorg-edgers`.

If the computer still freezes with the newest code, please install the openssh-server package which enables ssh login. Add the kernel parameter drm.debug=0x02 [4]. When the computer freezes, ssh in from another computer and run the following commands (copy and paste if you want):
datestr=$(date +%Y%m%d)
mkdir dri_debug-$datestr
cd dri_debug-$datestr
intel_error_decode >intel_error_decode.txt
dmesg > dmesg.txt
cp /var/log/Xorg.0.log .

Then attach the files in dri_debug_2010MMDD (where MM and DD are month and date) to this bug report.

In Maverick we will hopefully start generating bug reports with this information automatically soon. There is some general information about this kind of bugs at [5].

[4]: You can bring up the boot menu by holding shift during boot. Select the kernel and press 'e' to edit the kernel command line and Ctrl+X to boot with that command line. Another way is to add it in /etc/default/grub, add it to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and run `sudo update grub`.