Comment 19 for bug 585651

Raul Silva (raulpsilva) wrote :


I have a HP 2540p which, of course, also has the same problem.

What I have tested using Lucid x86_64:

. 2.6.31-14, does not work, the screen goes blank (black blank) and then as time goes by some pixels start to come on until the whole screen gets white;

. 2.6.35-7, does not work, the screen goes blank (also black) and nothing more happens;

. 2.6.35-7-rc6 (I read somewhere that it might work), does not work as 2.6.35-7

. 2.6.34-rc4, also read about somewhere, also does not work as 2.6.35-7.

I am a bit stuck here as I don't have a workaround and so I will have to install Windows 7 to be able to work. Any ideas?