Comment 128 for bug 579300

Rich3077 (rich3077) wrote :

I am a end user, not especially skilled in linux.
After much frustration I have found that this is the reason Ubuntu is not working for me.

I have found a pre compiled kernal to try and will probably give it a shot... or move to another distro.

As an end user I always thought linux was supposed to support older hardware/software? If everything was new would someone not just use Windows 7? In my case most everything is new but thats not good enough. I would understand and expect for linux to not support my ATI 3D cards in crossfire mode.. but it did... nice surprise. Now only if the sound would work.

I have yet to see an improvement from the last time I used Ubuntu several years ago... its still not ready to migrate Windows users and seems to be going backward from that goal as at least the last time everything worked.

I lost my Windows install as well as my legal valid product key for Win 7 so I am stuck with linux for a short time. (raid array gone wrong) Its just no fun anymore.