Comment 53 for bug 567016

Shane (kohlrak-kohlrak) wrote :

The driver that comes with ubuntu works for a while, but i have no idea how to restart it when it breaks down (or how to identify when it breaks down as easily as identifying the realtek drivers breaking down). I've discovered that overall heat affects connectivity and even direction of the laptop in relation to the router (this tells me that there might be a physical issue as well). I've even caught it blocking access of one wireless device from connecting to the router when my laptop was placed between the two, while, interestingly enough, the laptop actually kept a stable connection. Restarting the drivers almost always works, however it is annoying. The default driver, while it now works to some degree, does not last forever (but it does work longer than the realtek driver). I've found that locking my router to a specific channel also helps (beware overlaps, though) in the range department. This card is livable, but it's rather annoying and i still can't rely on the connectivity to fulfill my needs. I'm sure, though, we could easily create a script to restart it for us automatically (even then it's not guaranteed to work). All i can say is, if you have it, consider direction and position until it connects, then move around as you see fit until it's time to reconnect again.

Also, make sure you recommend against realtek in the future, as their product clearly doesn't meet our needs.